What is Product Concept? How to Design Product Concepts?

What is Product Concept? How to Design Product Concepts?

Product Concept design is also a vital phase in product development. Various aspects of a product are also looked into a product design process. Such as technology, styling, usability and also the user experience. The lead designer starts the conceptual design’s creation. The designer sketches many ideas for product development design concepts. This way, they are also able to explore the boundaries of the product’s possibilities. They establish what works and what doesn’t. They also view layouts that best fits the product and appeals to the target market.

Then look at and consider several ideas. Only after exploring so many other options. Concept design services help select the best idea. Try to cut uncertainty by this point in the process. This is where an even more detailed comparison begins. The conceptual designs now become key factors to consider.

The conceptual design phase is an important product development stage. Through our concept design services, we study product ideas as the initial step of the product design process. The aim is to create sketches and specifications for technical and commercial evaluation. Select one concept from all the options in the product design process, then move forward to product design development.

Product Concept

The product concept is the starting point for a new product. A lot of time and efforts must be put in at this stage. Because this is the foundation of your product. Brainstorm ideas with your team and make a roadmap. If your product concept is flawed, then your product is bound to fail. All great inventions started with an idea. Determine the practicability of the product idea with the concepts below:


capturing the target customers needs and wants is important in the modern day economy.

As a full-service marketing agency, and a development team has a major responsibility. The team must propose a design that meets the needs of the users. It is also very necessary for product development design concepts. Our full-service marketing agency also reviews the competitive landscape. Especially when considering better alternatives or solutions to a problem. It could be an expensive mistake to begin marketing a new product that doesn’t meet the needs of the customers. The designers must make a decision to end the project or at least halt it. Only if they observe that the commercial future of the project is uncertain.



The feasibility of developing a new product must also be studied by the development team. The team must calculate the cost of developing and also manufacturing. They should also work on marketing the new product. Compare its potential value against the workable price point currently achievable. Also, the team must examine the technical feasibility of the product. The team should also decide whether the workforce can work on product development design concepts. The time frame projections are important because it helps with planning. This could help layout realistic launch dates. Knowing when you can launch will aid in your strategy moving forward.


 Technical Stretch

technical stretch is necessary component of product development in many industries.

We all are also aware that the level of technical stretch is a crucial factor. The designers must view and consider it. It is at this stage that they have to decide out of the two paths. The designers decide if a certain technology has to be manufactured in the first phase. They also consider if the available technology can meet the performance objectives. If a new technology is needed, they must consider outsourcing.  It can also save time and expenses.



Are you worried about the cost of your product? Do you know which phase of product development is the most expensive? PTC carried out a survey and discovered that the design phase is the most expensive. Two-thirds of the product’s development costs occur at the product concept design stage. The product design process is also the deciding factor for estimating the cost. This implies an uneasy truth. Poor decisions at the product design process could result in wasted resources.

So it is important that you work on product concept. If you have any more questions then visit other posts in our blog. Happy reading!

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