Top Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing
is a great way to expand your business without the addition of an extra expense
or effort on your part.  Basically, by
offering your product or service for free along with your ad copy creates an
opportunity for growth.  Those who
receive it will be encouraged to share it with their own clients, prospects or
visitors for free. 


One way to expand
your efforts is through software.  Let
your website visitors have a trial or ‘lite’ version of your software as a
freebie.  Be sure to include links to
your website and email as well as an ad for your most wanted product line.  Make sure your recipients know to share
copies of the software with people they are in contact with.  If you aren’t experienced in creating
software, go to where you can hire some assistance. 


Another technique
is to use discussion boards.  Use your
website to set up a discussion board where your banner ad can be posted at the
top.  Then encourage others to provide a
link to it on their own websites.       


Ebooks are
another strategy that makes viral marketing successful.  Distribute your free ebook with traffic that
comes to your website.  Advertise your
most popular product line with an eye-catching full-color ad and your contact
information.  Don’t forget to tell
others about sharing copies of your ebook with their own site visitors and
other contacts.   


Writing articles
that correspond to your industry is yet another technique.  Put your website and ways to contact you in
the byline.  Then give permission to
others to publish the article as long as the byline stays the same.  Soon your article will find its way to
ezines, websites, newsletters and more.    


Consider web
hosting as a way to expand your efforts. 
Make an offer to small businesses to host their websites on your server
at no cost.  In return you can place
your banner at the top of the site.  


Lastly, another
viral marketing technique is the use of templates.  You can create your own website or other templates to give away
as free downloadsArticle Search, which would include your own marketing information.  Make them available to be passed along by
your recipients.


Try out each
technique and find out what works best for you.  With viral marketing strategies it won’t take long to advance
your business.