Delivery container dwelling design job 2

Hello anyone
in this online video I am likely to clearly show you job 2 for shipping container dwelling design.
I use “Delivery Container Residence Style Software”
listed here is url from exactly where u can download it from: in-Delivery-Container-Household-Designs.html

I am really passionate about homes like this 1st of all is simply because they are “eco-friendly” and is so several containers which no one particular use in the shipping ports … I received a good deal of tips and i have make really excellent exploration on this subject and i have gotten about price of making a dwelling like this …. the price of my job is gonna be distinct in each place but permit say in United kingdom about 40 000 with the price of the containers In US about the same and of training course + the price of the land.. anw if u r intrigued and have to have a lot more details make sure you produce me and I will be pleased to reply 🙂

many thanks for watching and looking at.


Eco Logical Ideas Use Vortex Energy in Home Designs, Design Produces Free Green Energy

Biomimicry is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems. All living species rely on nature’s free rotational and spiral energy. Blackholes, star formations, shells, tornados, hurricanes, water spouts and dust devils move circular and spiral. Our prevailing jet stream, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean currents are governed by circular whirlpool like movements of air and water. These unseen movements of air and water create and shape our lives. Water and air are the life blood of our planet. The enormity of everything contained in our universe is governed by circular movements of expanding and contracting velocities of heat, water and air both reflecting each other in spiral motion. I live here in Southern Costa Rica,on The Osa Peninsula. Unique floor plan ideas come from inspiration here in the rain forest. I design custom homes in Southern Costa Rica, work with bamboo, pre fabricated teak and plantation lumber home designs. Using only properly cured Asian and Indonesian Asper, Atar, Colombian and Brazilian Guadua Bamboo. For those like to keep the critters out, open air homes designs can be closed in with styrofoam walls, wood panels and pre cast concrete products.

All construction grade, insect resistant bamboos are found here in Southern Costa Rica. Constructing prefabricated bamboo houses and homes from bamboo groves in the Osa Peninsula has proven to be the most sustainable and affordable way to build inexpensively in remote areas.

NEW 2012 – Design and Build pre-fabricated Teak & bamboo homes from bamboo groves on The Osa Peninsula. All cut and cured during the driest months of the year. All wood and lumber components come from teak and pine plantations virtually eliminating 70-90% of the footprint to build your house, home, or construction project. Using bamboo and forested wood and lumber, wood is also your most affordable option for building homes. Usually going green and environmentally eco-friendly, requires you to spend a little more money up front to build your dream home. Signature home prefab designs offer both 1,2 and 3, bedroom floor options at a significant savings over conventional building construction methods. Your custom home does not need a custom price tag. Reduced the impact of transportation, noise, traffic, chemical uses. Adopt the reduce and reuse mentality will reduce your footprint and build Eco Friendly Homes in Costa Rica.