Fried Rooster Gizzard and Liver with Ginger| Asian Street Foodstuff

Howdy my mate in this article . Nowadays , I would like to existing you other foodstuff. It is called Fried Rooster Gizzard and liver with Ginger, and it is also a basic and quick foodstuff for loved ones foodstuff type. That could be not fantastic foodstuff for some men and women who never like to eat animals’ organ. Actually, we often eat animals’s organ simply because it is mouth watering for us.
To prepare dinner this foodstuff ,you need to have :
– Rooster gizzard and liver
– ginger
– cooking oil
– oyster sauce
– sugar
– hen soup powder
– garlic leaves
That is it . I hope you will realize the way of cooking this foodstuff ,but if you never just inquire me . i will be pleased to address your doubts and thoughts. Many thanks for observing and subscribe it.
Very good luck.