twelve Weirdest Chinese Traditions

From the stunning Yulin dog meat festival to eating an egg boiled in urine right here are the strange traditions men and women still practise in China

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7. Chinese Ghost Cities
It nearly appears to be like a new Chinese tradition to construct really huge metropolitan areas but with no 1 in them and see what transpires later on on. Whether or not it’s to property long term residents or just to verify they have the assets to do it, China’s ghost cities are some of the most unbelievable. It’s considered that China’s city metropolitan areas will consist of about 70% of it’s population in about 15 years. China’s most properly recognized Kangbashi was totally lifeless even with its abandoned higher increase residences, huge freeways and all the things a modern day city could need. But just recently men and women starting off transferring right here, and even with the surplus of dwelling spaces, China has occur up with the a totally new city system. Make the city to start with then enable the men and women fill in. Whilst it may well seem like strange ghost cities now, in the long term they could be 1 of the world’s most innovative metropolitan areas in the planet.

six. Ant Eating Remedy
Whilst ants may well be these tiny, creepy bugs that always seem to crawling by way of your property, the Chinese believe that eating ants can treatment health conditions and relieve discomfort. Scientists suspect that ants could assistance treat arthritis and hepatitis but no definitive explanations has been supplied. In this photograph you can see a group of men and women acquiring some remedy but most very likely not the kind they want.

5. Footbinding
Foot-binding is the distressing method of carrying really restricted shoes at a young age to avoid any additional growth. The Chinese most usually practiced this and it was not until the early 1900’s when it began to shed popularity. Females in the region observed it to be the only way to preserve their toes from getting to be far too huge. Some situations are just thoughts boggling when the sizing of a shoe is only 3 inches. In extreme situations, ladies would shed finish circulation to their toes and they would have to be amputated! Not to mention all the falls that took location attempting to walk like that! But really don’t decide, carrying higher heels in our tradition is just as ridiculous, if you assume about! Below in this photograph we see the variance between usual, and certain toes.

four. Burping Your Appreciation
Whilst some cultures discover it rude to burp at a meal desk, it’s nearly rude in China not to burp! A lot of of us are taught not to do this from a young age. Burping is noticed as a sign of appreciation to the chef and that you enjoyed your food. When their eating soup, a loud slurping noise is also thought of polite. So if another person is offering you a challenging time about this, upcoming time you can say that it’s totally fine in China. Compliments to the chef!

3. Encounter Masks
If you at any time head to a beach front some working day in China, really don’t be far too startled if you see another person carrying 1 of these. Whilst men and women in the US commonly go to the beach front in buy to get a tan, men and women in China consider to stay clear of it as much as possible. Given that pale skin is often sought right after in Asian countries, a thing termed a deal with-kini is a relatively new tradition that retains men and women from catching far too lots of rays. The deal with-kini is also been noted as a thing that will protect them from pesky jellyfish sting. The inventor Zhang Shifan, noted that he by no means could have imagined its popularity would get to this degree.

two. Yulin Dog Meat Festival
Whilst not all Chinese men and women take in puppies, it is extra typical in southern provinces. The city of Yulin holds a controversial festival each individual calendar year in June even with world wide outrage. Thousand of puppies are slaughtered and some are served places to eat when other people in the streets. China doesn’t have any huge scale dog-breeding farms not like other countries in which this meat is eaten. As a result, lots of neighborhood puppies are stolen from their owners illegally. Also these animals are delivered there with unfamiliar origins. The inhabitants of this city claim it to be a tradition and supporters claim that it’s no unique than killing cows, chickens or other farm animals. Whilst fairly a number of countries in Asia have banned use of puppies, China is not 1 of them. As you see in this photograph, lots of puppies are saved in cramped cages waiting around for what will happen upcoming.

1.Boy Urine Egg
It’s a regular food in Jap China to take in eggs that boiled in the urine of boys’ urine. In the city of Dongyang, buckets of urine are collected in buy to cook this cultural delicacy. There is no rationalization precisely why it has to be urine from a boy, but it’s just always been like that. Some claim that eating them will avoid them from acquiring “heat stroke”. It can take about an entire working day in buy to get ready these just proper and each individual 1 will be offered as a low-priced snack for no extra than a quarter. Chinese health care experts do not agree with this apply and no research has verified the authenticity of these claims. So no want to consider to make these oneself.


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Asian Gangsters – Chinese vs Vietnamese

Hey fellas! This movie was created with a bunch of buddies and some lovely fans 🙂

This is my first Asian gangster movie! The Vietnamese gang encounters their fatal rivals, the Chinese gang LOL
I am fifty percent Viet and Chinese, so this was an analogy of my cultural combine… not actually. It can be just a enjoyable movie HAHA

I asked fans who wanted to be in my upcoming movie (Facebook post) and hundreds of folks messaged me with fascinated.
It was an remarkable new knowledge. We had a large amount of laughs, stood in the chilly but got the task done!

I just wanna thank all the folks who arrived out, thanks to:
Kevin who played the Vietnamese protein shake person
Andy for playing the Chinese Leader
Instagram: andysw23
Vincent who played the beat boxing Vietnamese gang member
Extensive the person who only says ‘gangster’
Adrain for playing the deep voiced Chinese gang member
Nicole who was the pretty Chinese GF
Dalenah for the Vietnamese GF job *double thank you LOL*
Lubin for playing that silly hooded person
Tien who was the runway model
Tomasz for playing the token white person (gwai lo)
Helen for shooting at the rear of the scenes
Taylor for playing the Vietnamese added job
Jon Bling and Joseph (from Colab Studios) for filming on the day. These fellas killed it
A enormous thanks to Tom for playing Tom haha this person had to stand in the freezing chilly for several hours

Most of these fellas are aspiring Youtubers. This is the main rationale I got fans to do this movie, attempt to get their name out there! So you should verify out their channels if you have the time 🙂 Thank you

I’ll be filming with fans in the long term, so if you wanna be in the upcoming a single, you should follow me on Facebook:
Instagram: Lechonny

Many thanks so significantly for looking at fellas! I hope you relished the movie
All the ideal,


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No make any difference what aspect of the globe you speak about, nearly each individual country or location is known for one or two signature dishes or foods. In lots of scenarios, this meals can be viewed as distinctive or a delicacy which can be rare, expensive or only created for distinctive gatherings. In the western globe most persons are acquainted with this kind of delicacies as truffles, caviar, lobster and escargot – which we’re guaranteed most of you discover to be disgusting. Nevertheless, we’re not the only kinds who have an array of rare, expensive or distinctive treats for intake. Head out into the rest of the globe and you can discover an array of local delicacies which, for the most aspect, can be very great. That said, we’re guaranteed there are a great deal of foods viewed as by locals to be delicacies that would deliver most of us gagging as we tried using to down them.
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