PM Lee opens new centres to cater to people, seniors and youth in Ang Mo Kio

SINGAPORE: 4 new centres to much better cater to the desires of people, seniors and youth in Ang Mo Kio have been formally opened on Saturday (Jun twenty five) by Key Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The centres are run by AMKFSC Local community Companies, where Mr Lee is the patron.

Dependent inside the local community, the four new centres have been in procedure because 2014 and allow for social provider workers to much better reply to the desires of citizens. This has resulted in a 20 for each cent maximize in situations. 

In unique, Loved ones Companies @ Yio Chu Kang is the initial satellite department Loved ones Service Centre design piloted and supported by the Ministry of Social and Loved ones Enhancement (MSF), where the centre’s creating charges are thoroughly taken care of.

A different centre in Teck Ghee will help citizens going through marital, fiscal and kid-related difficulties. 

The 3rd centre – COMNET Cluster Assist – will target on assisting susceptible and socially-isolated seniors in Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. 

It also hopes to facilitate much better coordination in local community-centered care and help services to seniors.

The fourth centre aims to reach out to youth aged among 11 and 21. 

Referred to as Youth Infinity, its services include school social do the job and programmes focusing on initial-time youth drug offenders, children with incarcerated mothers and fathers and youth whose mothers and fathers are suffering from psychological wellbeing difficulties.

AMKFSC CEO Dr Vincent Ng reported the four centres have improved accessibility for individuals who have to have support. 

“It has developed much better consciousness so that when they have troubles, they you should not have to hold out till complications come to be rather serious. They can usually come in,” he reported. “Originally, when we had just just one or two family provider centres in the town, we find that men and women with mobility complications individuals who are a bit more mature, individuals with children would find it a bit difficult to get to the centre. So obtaining the satellite FSCs about seriously support a lot (in encouraging them) to come to the centre to request support when they have to have.”

Talking at the occasion, Mr Lee reported AMKFSC has also supported and developed an energetic pool of volunteers, including its beneficiaries, who support other people in the neighbourhood.

One of them is 14-yr-previous Muhammad Adam, who has been attending programmes at the Youth Infinity centre for the earlier yr and a half, and has also helped organise activities for other youth.

Muhammad Adam, 14, who has helped to organise activities for other youth. (Picture: Olivia Siong)

PM Lee also noted it was AMKFSC Local community Companies that pioneered the design of a just one-stop neighbourhood centre practically forty many years ago, where people can go to for support – now known as Loved ones Service Centres.

Mr Lee also reported MSF and its Social Service Offices have been working intently with voluntary welfare organisations, like AMKFSC, to reinforce abilities. 

“We’ve rolled out the new Social Service Web – SSNet – which is a national social sector circumstance administration system and databases. We set jointly all the information for every single person, and we share data and improve our coordination of social services throughout the SSOs, throughout all the different family provider centres and all the other organisations who have adopted SSNet,” reported Mr Lee.

“We will have to have to do extra of such advancements, bring our data jointly, to pool our information as very well as our help to assure support for citizens is coordinated, thorough and effective,” he extra. 

AMKFSC runs a overall of 18 centres in Ang Mo Kio, Sengkang and Punggol. 

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Singaporean athletes are not hungry enough to win: National Swimmer, Tao Li

SINGAPORE: She was the daughter of swimming coaches in China, but was told that she was too short for the country’s national swim team. Since coming to Singapore at the age of 13, Tao Li has been driven to build a successful career out of defiance – that same defiance which has at times been reflected in controversial statements over the years, on issues such as youth development and funding.

Following a successful games in Beijing, where she finished 5th in the 100m butterfly, Tao Li entered the 2012 Olympics as a medal hopeful; but in her pet events, failed marginally to reach the finals.  The games in London were therefore her last. Citing her age, she announced early this year that she would not be headed to Rio. The 26-year-old, however, still has her eyes on the 2017 SEA Games and the 2018 Asian Games. And for now, she’s added two more things to her “to do” list – focusing on her new swim school, the Tao Li Swimming Club, and on completing her studies.

She went “On the Record” with Bharati Jagdish – on integrating foreign-born athletes, getting that hunger in Singapore’s athletes, and her thoughts on life outside the pool. They started first with her decision to change focus this year.

Tao Li: I think I want to focus on one thing. This year, I want to focus on my studies. But this will take up only a little bit of my time during the day, so I thought I should finally set up a swimming school.

I’ve seen many sportsmen who don’t know what to do after their swimming life. Immediately, they stop, and they feel that it’s not the life that they want. I’ve always wanted to start a swimming school. So since I have time now, why not just start it now? 

Bharati Jagdish: You have, however said that it is a regret of yours to not be able to win an Olympic medal. 

Tao Li: Yes. 

Bharati Jagdish: So I’m just trying to reconcile the two, this desire to start a life after sports, or to at least engineer a life after sports, versus this big regret that you feel not having won an Olympic medal. Why would you feel a sense of regret when it was a conscious decision that you made to not even compete in the Olympics this year? 

Tao Li: Well, if I go to the Olympic Games this year, I would want to win a medal. But, considering everything, I don’t think I have the ability to get a medal in this short period of time because last year’s results, even though I was a SEA Games champion, I know I will not be able to win an Olympic medal. So it’s best for me to slow it down and just focus on other things. 

Bharati Jagdish: Why couldn’t you become good enough to actually attain an Olympic medal this year? 

Tao Li: I think the first thing is my age, as there’s a limit. It’s already there. My recovery and everything has slowed down, and my injuries, my knees injuries, my shoulder injuries. So it’s hard for me to train that hard to get me to the top again. I think I should do something else.

Bharati Jagdish: Over the last few years though, why haven’t you been able to reach Olympic medal standards?

Tao Li: I became distracted during my peak. I lost my focus. There were things – like I had to change coaches. 


Bharati Jagdish: You have said before that having three coaches in four years leading up to the London Olympics disrupted your preparations, and after that you could not regain peak form.

Tao Li: It’s not that I really want to change coach because there’s something going on. At that time I was still young. I ended up with a coach that I was not really comfortable with. But I had no choice, because you live in Singapore, and that’s the coach that they help you find, and you have to stay with him. Once you change coaches too many times, and you don’t produce results, they’ll think that you just blame others and actually all the problems are coming from you. I produced good results on the Asian level, so it was ok.

Bharati Jagdish: While you showed results at the Asian level, you have said that you couldn’t at the Olympic level. One could say that indeed, as you put it, “all the problems are coming from you.” These were qualified coaches. But you didn’t want to work with some of them, and now you’ve said that the changes were distracting. Were you the problem?

Tao Li: I think that’s the part that’s difficult to explain to the government. The government is not a sportsperson. They just think that, “Oh, this coach is good on paper. This coach is an Olympic gold medalist, and they have produced so many good athletes. Why can’t we just fit you in with this coach?” But different people need different sorts of training. I did ask my first coach, Peter Churchill to come back, but they rejected it because they had already hired a coach.

Bharati Jagdish: What were you looking for in your coach? 

Tao Li: I’m kind of lazy. If no one is there, I will just cut corners. So I always look for a coach that can be strict, yet flexible. Strict on certain things, but sometimes when you know the athlete really feels tired, just let them rest, before pushing it some more. So I ended up having some coaches who were “no, no, no.” Everything is “no”, and (you) must do the things that he thinks is right.

But we athletes have thoughts and ideas too, so we really want to explain our thoughts to the coaches, and hope the coach can understand.

Bharati Jagdish: You wanted a consultative type of relationship.  

Tao Li: Yes.


Bharati Jagdish: People thought you were being a diva, not just when it came to your coaches, but also, in 2008, when the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) introduced a 15% levy on the cash awards given to winning swimmers like you, with about 6% set aside for youth development. You said, “If they [the SSA] want to cultivate youth, they should find their own money, not pay using our awards. It’s through our hard work that we got the money.” You also said it had been your school and not the SSA that had borne the expense of your overseas training, but why can’t you be more supportive of the “tax” so to speak, considering it was going towards developing talent in swimming, a field you’ve said you care about and want to contribute to?

Tao Li: Yeah. But award money is different. They always think you’re here because you want the money, but the thing is, if you don’t work hard, if you don’t for example, get the Asian Games gold medal, how will you have the money? 

Bharati Jagdish: But some taxpayers’ money went into your development, so why do you object when part of your award money goes towards other sportspeople’s development? You come off as being selfish.

Tao Li: But before I became a famous person, back when nobody knew me, how I got there – nobody wants to see that. They just see when you get famous, and then they’ll say you just want the money. No. Not true. We have to work hard for the money that is there, for every single, cent. It’s not only me. If you swim and win the Asian gold medal, you will also get the money.

Bharati Jagdish: You earned it.

Tao Li: Yeah, but people don’t think of it that way.

Bharati Jagdish: How does that make you feel?

Tao Li: I feel angry. We are people too, so when other people talk bad about you, you’ll feel hurt, or irritated, or things like that. But that’s life. That’s what you have to face. At the most, I can just ignore it.


Bharati Jagdish: You have managed to get your own sponsors. In fact, you’ve been held up as an example – you and a few other athletes have been held up as examples when it comes to winning sponsorships. To what extent do you believe it’s the athletes’ responsibility to find their own money?

Tao Li: Yes, but sponsors are only looking for their own benefits. They’re not looking at how hard you train. They always look for results. So if you’re good, they’ll come to you. They’ll find a way to look for you. Even if they don’t have your phone number, they will go to websites to look for you, to ask the government for your phone number. If you’re not good, and you ask for them for help, they will help you. But it’ll be small, like a few T-shirts, a few pairs of shoes. So if you’re good and you get results, they will help you in the sense that you can make a good living.

Bharati Jagdish: A lot of athletes may say, “How will I become good if you don’t help me to begin with?” 

Tao Li: I think that’s how the world works. They only see the results. It’ll be hard for them to pick a 10 year-old girl with potential because even though she has potential, how are they going to know that she’ll be good in the future. You might give up halfway. Then what? All the money invested is gone. So as a business organization, they won’t take that risk.


Bharati Jagdish: So what’s your advice to athletes who are trying to make it. Or people who are thinking about a career in sport, considering that you may not get a lot of support until you prove you’re good. What’s your advice to athletes whose calibre may be a question mark, even to themselves?  

Tao Li: Once you choose a sport, you need to really focus, and really go for it, and don’t give up. So now I’m actually coaching the older athletes, like 14, 15-year-old athletes. They just maybe come 5 times a week and wonder, “How come I’m not improving?” So when I was an athlete, I didn’t see these kinds of things, but now that I’ve become a coach, I do.  They look at each other and say, “If he could not come for training today, maybe tomorrow I won’t come for training.” They’ll think, “It’s so hard for me to wake up in the morning, and have to go into the water, and to do some intensity work. I don’t want to, because after that I need to go school.” They think that’s too tiring for them. They don’t really have the mindset. And they’re not hungry enough to want to win. Because if you want something badly, even if you have to go to work after this, you will come early, you will come on time. I did it.

Bharati Jagdish: And if you don’t get the results, you only have yourself to blame, because you didn’t come on time, you didn’t go for training. But something has to be said about making it easier for athletes to train full-time.  

Tao Li: Yes, but even for that, they have to make sacrifices. I don’t see that. They have to become good to find sponsors, get government money. Unfortunately in Singapore, most of the athletes or their parents will think that it’s your fault.

Bharati Jagdish: It’s “your fault” as in it’s the coach’s fault?

Tao Li: Yeah, they think it’s the coach’s fault that you’re not bringing their child up to that level. And they don’t consider how many sessions their children come (for), and whether even though you came, whether you put in effort – things like that. They don’t really care.

Bharati Jagdish: But you yourself said that who your coach is, is very important to your success.

Tao Li: But you still have to work hard for it. People won’t just give it to you.

Bharati Jagdish: So have you already gotten complaints?

Tao Li: Not yet, not yet. Probably because I’m still new in the coaching area, so they think, “You’re good and you have a lot of knowledge.” So they haven’t start complaining yet.

Bharati Jagdish: It’s the coach’s job to motivate the athletes. What are you doing to motivate them? 

Tao Li: I’ve tried to explain, educate them that it’s very important that they come for every single session. You have to have progress. Just like school. You cannot go to school for one day, and you rest 5 days, and you go the next day. People will already be learning other things and you won’t be able to follow. Then that’s forever gone. So they’ll say, “Yes, yes, yes.” But then they come to the pool, and they just do whatever they like. They must want to do it.

Bharati Jagdish: Why do you think people aren’t hungry, like you were hungry? 

Tao Li: I think it’s because they really have a good family here. They have everything they need. Their parents are working really hard, they have cars, and they have the house. They don’t see any need to really work hard, because the parents provide (it) for them. But for me, it was different, because when I first came here, I had to rent a house, and had to ride a bicycle to my school and my training place. I had to run up and down. So it was a very difficult time for me.

Bharati Jagdish: Is that regret for you – that you don’t come from a more fortunate, rich family? 

Tao Li: No, I think if I come from a wealthier family, I may not feel that hungry that I would want to become a champion.

Bharati Jagdish: What will it take for Singaporeans to have a sense of hunger in spite of our generally comfortable lives?

Tao Li: I think it’s the system that we need to change. Especially life after sports. In sports, the government has set up a really good system. You can get a scholarship if you are really good. So actually you don’t have to worry about work. Now the only thing is that after sports, what are you going to do? So you have to let the parents see that after sports, you have many options, become a coach, learn sport science, etc. You need to sacrifice some of the comforts to become a really good athlete. 

Bharati Jagdish: Do you think parents should take away some of these things from their children to show them the importance of working hard? 

Tao Li: Yes, I think it’s very, very important because if they give them everything, why should they work to become anything.


Bharati Jagdish:  We talked earlier about some of the controversies you’ve been involved in – the coach issue and prize money issues. You mentioned to me off-air earlier that there’s a lot of politics in sports. How do you deal with it?

Tao Li: I’m very lucky. My first coach, Peter Churchill let me stay away from politics. Once you get older, you have to step into all the politics. But I’m lucky because my results are good, so they can’t really do anything about it, like tell me what to do or not do.

Bharati Jagdish: But then as you said, as you got older, you had to get involved. How do you stay focused on the sport while having to deal with all this? 

Tao Li: I just don’t care. For me, personally, I just don’t care. Because I think that if I care about the politics, I can’t produce results and the situation will get worse. I’m not hired or employed by the Singapore Swimming Association, so I should have the freedom to speak up for myself. I just speak my mind. And then they don’t really dare to really push you.

They are careful in managing me, because once I let the public know, it could become a big hoo-ha. I think they’re a bit scared of me. That’s always my strategy – once I’m good, you can’t do anything to me.

Bharati Jagdish:  We talked about your issues with coaches. What kind of a coach are you?

Tao Li: Fierce on (the) field, but I will explain to them why I’m doing this, and let them understand why it is going this way. In the swimming pool, you can never negotiate with me. Outside the swimming pool, we can be friends. If you need help, anything that you need, I can help you. I can give you advice.


Bharati Jagdish: You talk a lot about your mother. Was she your biggest influence? 

Tao Li: Yes. My mum is my biggest motivation and influence, and she’s the only one in Singapore who is always beside me no matter what problems I face. Her life here is not easy as well, because we were new to this country and my mum didn’t speak English, we didn’t have a really good foundation here, so we really had to start from zero in this country. In Singapore if you don’t speak English, people will sometimes ignore you. And even though we Singaporeans can speak Chinese, we don’t feel comfortable doing it. But my mum can only speak Chinese. So sometimes she faced some difficulties and she didn’t know what to do. She felt lost, and I felt pretty sad for her, and I felt like I really should do well in this country. That’s the only way that I can pay her back.

Bharati Jagdish: She made sure that you assimilated.

Tao Li: Well, when I first came to Singapore, I was so reluctant to speak English and I didn’t really care. Because my swimming was really good in China, and at that time my province had no one who could really swim. I was in the top 8 at the national level. So I was quite a big deal in my province. Then I came to Singapore and no one cared. Only my mum chased me everyday about learning English and going to class.  I felt a bit down. And I had no friends here, because of the language issues. I was always crying and quarreling with my mum saying that I want to go home and then she just said “no”.

She said, “you just stay here for another 2 more years. If we can, then we’ll go on. If we cannot, then we’ll go home.” After a while, after Primary 6, I made some friends here. I slowly adapted to this environment, this country, so I felt okay. People also noticed my swimming, and I always appeared in the newspapers. So I got more confidence in myself. 


Bharati Jagdish:  Some of the China-born athletes who represent Singapore never made an effort to do what you did. A lot of them still don’t speak English. They never bothered assimilating. What do you think of the other foreign-born athletes? 

Tao Li: I think it’s kind of different. They’re here purely for representing Singapore to go to competitions and because they were already good, the government imported them. I came when I was very young, and at that time, I didn’t know whether I would be a star.  

Bharati Jagdish: You wanted to build a life here, your mother wanted to build a life here for the both of you as well. 

Tao Li: Yeah. Correct.

Bharati Jagdish: I can see that difference but ultimately, considering how Singaporeans have reacted to foreign-born athletes, do you feel perhaps they should have done more in spite of the fact that they were imported purely to represent Singapore in international tournaments?

Tao Li: I think yes, they should be learning English, but I know the table tennis players or the badminton players don’t really have time to learn the English. They’re always travelling. It’s different from swimming because in swimming. They have to go every single month. I seldom see them in Singapore. Every month they have to travel. They don’t really have the time to study.

Bharati Jagdish: But it hasn’t really endeared them to Singaporeans. Some would you say the harsh comments and the xenophobia are warranted.

Tao Li: This really hurts because we are wearing the Singapore flag, and I’m training here, and from young I’ve lived here. I’m no different from Singaporeans. It’s just that I was not born here. But people saw me as a foreigner and they always said bad things even though I won a medal for the country. They just say, “no, you’re not one of us.” I believe that all the athletes here have the same mindset. We just want to do the country proud and hope the people will support us.

Bharati Jagdish: But you’re different from the others as you mentioned. The others don’t even seem to want to connect with the people.

Tao Li: I think they feel scared. If you don’t speak English and the only things you hear are people saying bad things about you and that you are not one of them, you may be scared to connect. They will feel like: “Oh, they say bad things about me, so why should I just go out and talk to them?” I think if we, Singaporeans are more friendly to the imported athletes then they will be willing. I think they will be willing to talk to you, or to help you if you have any problems. If you’re in interested in sports, they can even coach you.

So I think it’s two ways, not just one way. The imported athletes also need to learn the culture and really get along with all the Singaporeans. I think both sides can work together to overcome this.

Bharati Jagdish: Some athletes may feel they’re not here to connect with Singaporeans. They’re here to compete and win medals. That’s their job. How important do you think it is to connect with Singaporeans?

Tao Li: I think it’s really important, especially in Singapore. Yes, you have to focus on certain things that you do, because the government brought you in to produce, not to mingle with the locals. But it is so important for all sportspeople and the foreign-born ones also to share experiences with our people, to help them develop an interest in sports, so that more people will take on the sports so that our sport can grow.


Bharati Jagdish: What will it take to produce more athletes like Joseph Schooling and athletes of your calibre or even better than you, among Singapore-born athletes, aside from stimulating their sense of hunger?

Tao Li: We have the most swimming pools in the world, I think. But why can’t we produce the next Joseph Schooling or next Tao Li? I think the first thing is our coaches. The reason I started a swimming school is to groom coaches, because most of the coaches in Singapore today don’t have knowledge and all you need to do is to take the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) and you can become a swimming coach. Many of them know how to swim four strokes, but they don’t really know how to coach. They might teach very young kids – 5 or 6-years-old. But that’s a very important age. If they learn the wrong techniques, it becomes hard to correct it later when you get to competition level.

Then when you get to the top, there may not be many suitable coaches. The problem is we have many national swimmers, but then after sports, they don’t want to be a coach. They want to be a doctor, they want to be other things. So we have a gap there. 

Bharati Jagdish: Why do you think that is?

Tao Li: My view is that they think that a coach is just a coach and you can’t only depend on coaching to live a good life in Singapore because of the high cost of living. Also, some of our friends in swimming come from wealthy families, so they might just think, “well, I just want to do something else.”

Facing the pool for many years, they just don’t want to see the pool anymore. Ang Peng Siong and David Lim, our very good swimmers, started their own swimming schools and they helped our local swimmers. But the younger swimmers don’t seem to want to do that.
Bharati Jagdish: What is your message to the people who think that way though? Why should they choose this path? 

Tao Li: I think Singapore is getting better and better in sports because we’re investing more into every single athlete. If you have talent, being an athlete is actually better than working outside, because sports is very special. You have talent. All you need is the right mindset.

Bharati Jagdish: You said money is a concern.

Tao Li: Yes. Today, the money is quite good in this market. If you do it well, if you have the knowledge, people will admire you, and people will trust you, and they will have confidence in you. I think the parents of young talent today, are from the 70’s or 80’s. Their mindset is, “Well, there’s no future in sports in Singapore so you have to go study.” Yes, you have to study, but at the same time, you could excel in sports and make it a career that pays well. Things have changed.

Bharati Jagdish: Why did you choose not to go to America?

Tao Li: Things there are more advanced, but they will not try to accommodate you. You will have to suit their system. I would have just been any other swimmer there. But here, I am seen as important for the country.

Bharati Jagdish: You like feeling special.

Tao Li: Yes. 

Bharati Jagdish: Some people are willing to take that risk. So they become the small fish in a big pond. But you want to be the big fish in a small pond. Why not aim higher?

Tao Li: Honestly, it’s other things that make me unhappy. The food, the culture.

Bharati Jagdish: So that’s more important to you than really pushing the boundaries and seeing how good you really are?
Tao Li: To me, that’s the most important thing; especially the food. I need to recover. The people around me. If I’m happy, then I’m willing to train. If I’m unhappy, why should I even train? That’s the most important thing to me.


Bharati Jagdish: We’ve talked about your mother. Where’s your father in all of this? He’s a swimmer too, right?

Tao Li: Yeah, he’s a swimmer too. He’s always there for me when I need help and then he will fly over to solve the big problems. If my mum breaks down or something, he will come in and solve all the problems.

Bharati Jagdish: When was the last time he came to solve a big problem for you?

Tao Li: That’s a very long time ago. I don’t really have a really big problem now. My life’s quite smooth.

Bharati Jagdish: Do you remember what that problem was? 

Tao Li: It’s a problem with dealing with the clubs. I wanted to change clubs and there was some difficulty.

Bharati Jagdish: Yes, the club change was publicized when it happened. Why doesn’t your dad move to Singapore?

Tao Li: Because he has a really good job there and he’s working for the government, so he can’t really leave China.

Bharati Jagdish: Have you thought of going back to China?

Tao Li: No, I would like to stay in Singapore because my reputation is here. 

Bharati Jagdish: Do you regret not making it in China?

Tao Li: No. I think in Singapore, you have more opportunities, you have more chances to go to international meets.

Bharati Jagdish: Because it’s less competitive here?

Tao Li: Not really. If you want to go to the world stage, it’s the same. You have to qualify.

So it’s not less competitive. It’s just more opportunities. In Singapore, it’s purely based on you being good in the sport and you can go to international meets. But sometimes in China, it’s not just about sports.

Bharati Jagdish: What is it about then?

Tao Li: The competitions at the provincial levels are very hard. If you make it, but there are others who are similar in standard, they’ll just cut you, and they will let other people go to the meet. It doesn’t depend purely on the results.

Bharati Jagdish: But China is a great sporting nation.

Tao Li: First of all, it’s the population. They have more than 1 billion people and they focus more on full-time training. Their athletes are professionals. They train full-time. But I don’t want that for myself. I think it’s important to learn other things also, not just swimming, swimming, swimming.


Bharati Jagdish: But if people don’t dedicate their time fully to sport at least for a period of time, or have the means to, wouldn’t Singapore be fighting a losing battle when it comes to making a mark in the global sporting arena?

Tao Li: All about money.

Bharati Jagdish: It’s all about money? 

Tao Li: Yeah, it’s all about money. It’s like if let’s say, I pay you $200,000 per month to just be a professional athlete, I think a lot of people will do it. And after sporting life, if you can get a government job and you can earn like $10,000 per month? Will they do? Yes, they will. And so I think it’s all about money.

Bharati Jagdish: In order for government support for sports to grow, there needs to be buy-in from Singaporeans in general. How would you make a case for this? Why should more taxpayers’ money go to sports?

 Tao Li: If Singapore sports is good, it can really put us on the world map so that people know Singapore. And let’s say you want to do business with them, they’re willing to help.

Bharati Jagdish: Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were to lose all this one day?

Tao Li: I think my fame will be lost in about 2 years’ time. I totally accept it. That’s why I want to quickly set up my swimming school before I lose my fame. I need to let my business become famous, rather than me. The reason that I start my business is because I want to grow younger athletes.

Bharati Jagdish: If you weren’t a swimmer, what do you think you would be doing? 

Tao Li: I don’t know.

Bharati Jagdish: Never thought about it? 

Tao Li: Yeah, never thought about it before. Because my life has always been about swimming, but now I want to succeed as a businesswoman.

Bharati Jagdish: I understand you have help in terms of the business element of your swimming school. But what do you hope to achieve for yourself through this, aside from growing the sport in Singapore?

Tao Li:  When you get to the stage I am at now, there are a lot of rich people around you. I look at them and I want to be as good as them. There are always people who are better than you, so I’m quite interested to see why those people are successful. I like to work with successful people, so that I can learn from them. I want to learn what their journey is like. 

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Britain votes to go away EU, Cameron resigns

LONDON: Britain has voted to pull out of the European Union in a seismic blow to the bloc that triggered the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and sent entire world money marketplaces into freefall on Friday (Jun 24).

The shock end result of Thursday’s historic referendum threatens to guide to the break-up of the United Kingdom immediately after Scotland elevated the prospect of a different independence vote, and could have a knock-on outcome on other eurosceptic member states.

Britons, lots of fearful by immigration and what they saw as interference in the operating of their country by bureaucrats in Brussels, voted by fifty two to 48 for every cent to abandon the bloc immediately after four a long time of usually troubled membership.

In an psychological statement outside the house Downing Street, Cameron stated he would resign to make way for a new chief by early October immediately after the failure of his “Remain” marketing campaign.

“I do not imagine it would be appropriate for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its upcoming desired destination,” he stated as sterling, worldwide shares and oil costs plummeted.

Britain will be the very first country to go away the EU immediately after a long time of suspicion in excess of its aims of ever-closer political union – a shock victory for the anti-establishment rhetoric of the Brexit marketing campaign that highlights rising populism throughout the globe.

“We have finished it! We have gained!” anti-EU campaigners shouted at a party in London, popping open up champagne bottles as “Depart” victories flowed in. “Out! Out! Out!”, they chanted as dawn broke.


European Fee main Jean-Claude Juncker denied it was the beginning of the close for the EU, by now troubled by financial and migration crises and rising euroscepticism throughout the continent.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel known as the end result a “blow” to Europe although French President Francois Hollande stated it was a “grave examination”.

US President Barack Obama, who publicly threw his pounds powering British EU membership throughout a check out to London in April, insisted the “exclusive romantic relationship” involving the two international locations was “enduring”.

The vote, the culmination of an usually poisonous marketing campaign, exposed deep divides throughout British culture and what the Impartial newspaper stated was “the chasm involving the political class and the voters”.

It may possibly be some time right before Britain requires the concrete actions need to have to extricate itself from what will turn out to be a 27-member alliance.

Cameron stated it need to be his successor who sales opportunities the intricate negotiations under Short article fifty of the Lisbon Treaty which sets out a two-yr time-frame to go away.

Major Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and a favourite to be successful Cameron, also stated there was “no need to have for haste”.

But European chiefs produced obvious that the country need to set the wheels in movement “as shortly as feasible, however unpleasant that approach may possibly be”.

Leaders of the EU, born out of a determination to forge long lasting peace immediately after two entire world wars, will open up a two-day summit on Tuesday to grapple with Britain’s determination.


The “Depart” victory threatens to shatter the unity of the United Kingdom, with Scotland and Northern Eire voting to continue to be in although England – barring significant cities like London – and Wales supported out.

Scottish 1st Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated a second independence vote was now “really very likely” immediately after a 2014 referendum backed staying in the Uk.

“The alternative of a second referendum need to be on the desk and it is on the desk,” she instructed reporters, indicating it was “democratically unacceptable” for Scotland to be dragged out of the EU from its will.

And although Brexit campaigners celebrated, the mood was downbeat in the Town of London money district.

“I just sense so devastated that this multicultural town that I live in is likely to alter dramatically, and the entire world as I know it is just not the similar today,” stated lender employee Francesca Crimp.

Major anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage, chief of the Uk Independence Bash, stated Jun 23 need to “go down in our background as our independence day”.

Immigration and an erosion of money protection have turn out to be rallying cries for populists throughout Europe, just as they have for Donald Trump’s marketing campaign in the US presidential election.

Trump hailed the vote as he arrived in Scotland to unveil a refurbishment of his Trump Turnberry golf system. “I imagine it is a excellent issue. I imagine it is a excellent issue,” he instructed reporters. “People want to acquire their country back, they want independence.”

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump provides a speech as he officially opens his Trump Turnberry resort and golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland on Jun 24, 2016. (Photo: AFP/ Oli Scarff)


The end result drove sterling down ten for every cent to a 31-yr small of US$1.3229.

European stock marketplaces dropped all-around 8 percent at opening right before recovering later although British lender shares missing a quarter of their worth in morning trade. In New York, the Dow opened down 2.3 for every cent.

“It truly is a madhouse in in this article. It has been a massacre. Carnage,” stated David Papier, head of gross sales trading at foreign exchange home ETX Money in London.

The Bank of England promised “all necessary actions” to protected market stability although Group of 7 international locations warned the determination could have “adverse implications for financial and money stability”.

British voters appeared to have to shrugged off warnings that a Brexit would develop a price range gap necessitating expending cuts and tax increases as soon as they drop unfettered trade access to the EU.

Thousands of jobs in the Town could be transferred to cities in the EU this sort of as Frankfurt, leading worldwide corporations have warned.

Their determination will reawaken fears of a domino-outcome ripple of exit votes in eurosceptic member states that could imperil the integrity of the bloc.

Dutch considerably-appropriate MP Geert Wilders and French Countrywide Entrance chief Marine Le Pen promptly known as for referendums on EU membership in their personal international locations.

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Maritime Cove at East Coast Park to reopen conclude-June

SINGAPORE: Visitors to East Coast Park can look forward to much more parking lots, dining choices and a three,500sqm kid’s playground at the redeveloped Maritime Cove, set to reopen at the conclude of this month.

The playground is set to open to the general public on Jun 29, although five meals and beverage retailers will open progressively from Jun 28 onwards, Nationwide Parks Board (NParks) mentioned on Friday (Jun 24).

The three,500sqm kid’s playground comes with a range of equipment suited for little ones of numerous ages, NParks mentioned. There is a a few-storey perform tower, which comes with a few slides of diverse stages and a rope bridge, for little ones among five and twelve years previous.

For little ones aged two to five, they have a perform place that comes with chatting tubes, entertaining mirrors and a drum set.

The playground will also have inclusive perform equipment for little ones of diverse abilities to perform collectively, mentioned NParks. This incorporates specific desires equipment these types of as sensory perform panels.

Maritime Cove was shut in 2012 for redevelopment, and the upgraded spot was “produced centered on a relatives and way of life concept with a focus on delivering recreation for families”, NParks mentioned.

The relatives-friendly facilities involve a new standalone general public bathroom facility which incorporates bogs, sinks and shower facilities tailor-made to younger little ones. 

Less complicated Obtain, Much more Dining Possibilities

With the redevelopment also comes increased entry to the place, mentioned NParks. Car parks C2 and C3 have been reconfigured, with much more parking lots added. A new linkway has also been constructed to connect the dining retailers with the close by underpass to Maritime Terrace.

Car park C2 will have 331 parking lots, with 36 motorbike lots and 4 handicapped lots, although car park C3 will have 99 parking lots, with 24 bikes lots and two handicapped lots.

The footpaths at Maritime Cove have also been created to be wheelchair-friendly and obtainable for mother and father with toddler strollers.

Returning to the redeveloped Maritime Cove is McDonald’s, which had a preferred branch at East Coast Park for much more than thirty years. It will be joined by other meals and beverage retailers these types of as Babalicious, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, My Briyani Property and Hill Avenue Coffee Shop. These will open progressively from Jun 28 onwards.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who is a Member of Parliament for Maritime Parade GRC, wrote about Maritime Cove’s redevelopment in a Facebook submit on Friday.

“With the redevelopment, much more open spaces have been freed up at Maritime Cove and park people will have a apparent view of the sea,” he mentioned.

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Precise Psychic Readings On the Net – How to Make Sure You Obtain the very best Possible Reading!

Whether you are searching for a psychic love reading or spiritual understanding, it is necessary to understand a bit about psychic readings prior to you get one. A bunch of times individuals wind up having a disappointment due to the fact that they do refrain their research study or have unlikely assumptions from psychics as well as psychic readings. Let me discuss some crucial factors for you to have a fulfilling experience.

Many individuals like to grumble that a reading with a popular psychic costs more! Well, as in any job, you get just what you pay for, and also if you are wishing to use the moment of an incredibly precise psychic, their time is visiting cost a little bit more. After all, the a lot more sought after a psychic is, the a lot more sought after that psychic will be, and also therefore, the a lot more you are going to pay.

Widely known psychics do not demand for their gift, they charge for their time. They set you back even more because due to the fact that there is just one of them, however many individuals who are wanting their aid. Great psychics are harder to find, yet when you find one, they are worth their weight in gold. The info they offer is not only exceptionally accurate, however additionally extremely practical!

Also, on the net you can find some companies that offer a free 10 minute psychic reading that you can use at any momento. Psychic reading has always been magical as well as though those looking for scientific needs to support a psychic reading have gotten there to no concrete verdicts, the confidence of people in psychic readings has actually never ever fallen short. In fact, individuals from across the world today are finding a brand-new method to obtain a psychic reading through the Net as well as on the internet psychic readings by visitors who could be reached though their internet sites.

Psychic readings accuracy could differ depending upon your connection with a specific spiritual viewers. No matter whether one is licensed or a globe well-known psychic, no person can offer excellence when it pertains to accurate psychic forecasts at all times. One reason why this occurs is – freewill. Individuals could constantly transform their thoughts and also strategies at any type of given moment which can change psychic durations pressing an occasion to a later time or transform them entirely. Also you could not always get in touch with a psychic just like in reality you do not connect with everyone. Now this need to never ever be misinterpreted as the psychic being phony. These are two different points. Very accurate psychic viewers can prove to be incorrect for you, it does not mean they do not have psychic capacity.

An exact psychic reading can in a free online psychic chat provide you invaluable insights into your questions, by revealing exactly what is going to unfold in your future. By understanding these results, you will be a lot better prepared to make the right choices for you. Besides, we all need to make our decisions based our demands, needs, hopes, and dreams.

Exact psychic readings could offer you valuable, as well as very useful understandings, that will profit you in plenty of ways. An accurate reading can prevent you from making pricey blunders on a physical, emotional, and also spiritual degree.

The list of psychic reading techniques might be never ending and also many specialists might have their own unique techniques of supplying psychic readings. An expert psychic reader could also focus on more than one technique of the above as various persons might need various methods to get in touch with their topics. Or like a doctor might have to hand out various prescriptions for different kinds of individuals, a psychic could require various methods to reach out and also find just what they are looking for.

Psychic readings work however not always and not every method for every person, so if you are merely getting into it see to it you seek advice from greater than one psychics and check out various sorts of psychic readings to find out which one suits you best.

Exact Psychic Readings On the Web – Ways to Make certain You Obtain the most effective Possible Reading!

Whether you are seeking a psychic love reading or spiritual idea, it is essential to comprehend a little bit about psychic readings prior to you get one. A bunch of times individuals end up having a disappointment because they do not do their research or have unrealistic expectations from psychics and also psychic readings. Let me share some vital factors for you to have a rewarding encounter.

Many individuals want to grumble that a reading with a popular psychic costs more! Well, as in any type of occupation, you obtain what you pay for, as well as if you are wanting to make use of the moment of a very exact psychic, their time is visiting cost a little bit a lot more. Nevertheless, the more sought after a psychic is, the much more popular that psychic will certainly be, and also therefore, the much more you are going to pay.

Well-known psychics do not bill for their present, they bill for their time. They cost even more because since there is just one of them, but many individuals who are wanting their aid. Great psychics are tougher to discover, but when you discover one, they are worth their weight in gold. The details they give is not just extremely exact, yet also extremely useful!

Also, on the web you can find some sites that offer a free 10 minute psychic reading that you can use at any momento. Psychic reading has constantly been mystical and even though those searching for scientific reasons to sustain a psychic reading have actually arrived to no concrete final thoughts, the confidence of individuals in psychic readings has actually never ever failed. In fact, individuals from across the world today are discovering a brand-new means to get a psychic reading through the Net as well as on the internet psychic readings by viewers who could be reached though their sites.

Psychic readings precision could vary depending upon your connection with a particular spiritual reader. No matter whether one is licensed or a globe renowned psychic, no one can supply perfection when it comes to exact psychic forecasts regularly. One reason that this occurs is – freewill. Individuals can constantly transform their ideas and also strategies at any kind of given moment which could alter psychic timeframes pressing an event to a later time or transform them entirely. Likewise you could not constantly connect with a psychic much like in the real world you do not connect with every person. Now this ought to never ever be misunderstood as the psychic being fake. These are two different things. Extremely accurate psychic viewers could show to be unreliable for you, it does not suggest they do not have psychic ability.

An accurate psychic reading could in a free online psychic chat provide you very useful understandings right into your concerns, by exposing precisely what is going to unfold in your future. By knowing these end results, you will certainly be a lot better prepared making the right choices for you. Besides, we all have to make our decisions based our requirements, desires, hopes, as well as dreams.

Exact psychic readings can provide you invaluable, and very useful ideas, that will profit you in plenty of ways. A precise reading can avoid you from making pricey errors on a physical, emotional, and also spiritual degree.

The list of psychic reading methods could be never ending and many experts may have their own unique methods of offering psychic readings. An expert psychic reader might also specialize in more than one technique of the above as different persons may require various strategies to get in touch with their subjects. Or like a doctor may have to distribute various prescriptions for various kinds of people, a psychic may need different methods to connect and also locate what they are searching for.

Psychic readings function however not constantly and not every approach for every individual, so if you are just getting involved in it make certain you speak with greater than one psychics as well as experiment with different kinds of psychic readings to learn which one matches you ideal.

Enlarged Panama Canal expected to improve US-Asia trade

PANAMA City: With its capability boosted by practically 3 times, Panama’s enlarged canal – established to be inaugurated on Sunday (Jun 26) – is expected to encourage trade among the United States and Asia, and steal company from the rival Suez canal.

“A great offer of the commerce among Asia and the east coast of the United States can move by instantly on Neopanamax ships, which will enable each sides,” Nicolas Ardito Barletta, a previous Panamanian president and previous vice president of the Environment Lender in Latin America, informed AFP.

Neopanamax ships, as their names counsel, are new era cargo vessels built particularly to move by the broadened Panama Canal. They can have up to 3 times the selection of containers the former era of smaller Panamax ships do.

Panama has used the past nine years – and more than US$five.five billion – increasing its century-outdated canal to take on larger freighters.

New locks and a broader shipping and delivery lane will allow vessels as huge as forty nine metres (160 feet) and as prolonged as 366 metres (one,200 feet) to move by.

The goal is to significantly maximize the sum of cargo transiting the 80-kilometre (fifty-mile) prolonged waterway linking the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

“We are at the dawn of a great time for Panama and the earth, many thanks to the influence the canal’s enlargement will have,” Panama’s Vice President Isabel De Saint Malo boasted to AFP.

CHINESE SHIP TO BE Initially By means of

Five for each cent of business maritime site visitors presently passes by the canal, notably among ports in America, China, Japan and South Korea. To a lesser diploma, it also serves South America and Europe.

On Sunday, a Chinese Neopanamax freighter, named the COSCO Shipping and delivery Panama for the event, will be the initial to formally go by the broadened canal.

Asian exporters, shipping and delivery groups and US logistical and trade companies should really be the initial to advantage from the modified canal, claims Carlos Guevara-Mann, a Panamanian political science professor at Florida Condition University.

American customers will also see benefits, ending up paying out “fewer for imported merchandise from China and neighbouring countries”, he predicted.

In common, the charges of undertaking trade around the world should really decrease, as should really polluting emissions, simply because a less selection of larger ships would be hauling products, professionals say.

“The Panama Canal’s enlargement will significantly improve earth trade,” Ardito Barletta reported. “Larger ships will be ready to transit and that will convey down the transaction and logistic charges.”

The United States is the canal’s biggest consumer by considerably, transporting some 160 million tonnes a 12 months by the waterway.

China is following, with forty eight million tonnes, then Chile with 29 million tonnes and Japan with 22 million tonnes.

With area for larger ships now, the main market the canal is seeking to catch the attention of is transporting liquefied all-natural gasoline from the United States to Asia, mostly Japan.

“The gasoline transportation ships are massive and now can get instantly to their destination by going by the canal,” Ardito Barletta reported.


Additional than one hundred fifty ships have presently reserved their spots in the line to move by, the Panama Canal Authority’s administrator Jorge Quijano claims.

“Definitely, the initial to stage up had been the Asians,” he informed AFP. “We have companies from Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea.”

Forecasts say 600 million tonnes of products a 12 months will move throughout Panama this way, twice the latest volume, in just the following ten years.

Panama expects it will triple the US$one billion in revenues it will get from shipping and delivery costs.

It also wishes to convey again shoppers that dropped the canal for its rival, Egypt’s Suez Canal, which experienced been the only passage ready to tackle the larger ships up to now.

“We’ll see what percentage we are going to get better,” Panama’s canal minister, Roberto Roy, reported. “But I’m certain it will be appreciable.”

Using the Panama Canal would help you save ships two months as opposed to the Suez Canal, the Panamanian authorities say.

That is “a sizeable time saving” for maritime companies, the minister reported. “I’m selected they’re going to recognize that.”

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twenty five Items We Won’t be able to Imagine Individuals Basically Eat

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Although most of us assume that the matters we try to eat are properly standard, to persons in other sections of the world it could be the strangest matter ever. Do not feel us? Just skim via this record. To someone somewhere each and every and just about every item would make best feeling to try to eat. Of course, this record is probably skewed a bit to a western ethnocentric stage of watch, but even so, most of us will probably obtain matters that make us cringe. These are twenty five matters we can not feel that persons truly try to eat.

Test out the textual content model also! – five-matters-we-cant-feel-persons-truly-try to eat

Here is a preview:

Fried Brain Sandwich
Bird’s Nest Soup
Drunken Shrimp
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Kopi Luwak
Casu Marzu
Tuna Eyeball
Dried Lizards
Ying-Yang Fish
Yak Penis
Puffin Heart


Singapore is fifth-finest metropolis for feminine entrepreneurs: Research

SINGAPORE: The Republic has occur in fifth in a position of finest cities for high executing gals entrepreneurs, according to conclusions by tech company Dell unveiled on Thursday (Jun 23).

Singapore is the only Asian metropolis in the best 5, ranked driving New York, the San Francisco Bay Place, London and Stockholm. 5 critical classes of metropolis traits have been identified: Money Technologies Expertise Culture and Markets, and Singapore executed in the best third of the 25 cities ranked for Expertise, Culture and Technologies, the Dell Gals Entrepreneur Towns Index revealed. 

Other Asia-Pacific cities in the position involve Sydney (eight), Beijing (13), Hong Kong (14) and Taipei (15), according to the conclusions. 

The  Index, which seems to be at a city’s capability to entice and foster expansion of gals-owned companies, ranked 25 cities with the greatest possible gals entrepreneurs. The index is meant to provide insights for cities on how to strengthen problems for this sort of enterprises to thrive. The general position took 70 indicators into account, forty four of which had a gender-dependent ingredient, Dell stated.  

“Singapore has recognized a sturdy ecosystem to aid gals entrepreneurs with a strong focus on cultivating residence-developed entrepreneurship and marketing digitisation across all verticals, stated Dell’s vice president of APJ CSES promoting Margaret Franco.

“Singapore is very well positioned on a world wide landscape for gals-owned enterprises to thrive and is an extraordinary example to Asia of the excellent contribution gals convey to the financial expansion of a country.”

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The benefits of good posture

“Has anyone ever told you, “Stand up straight!” or scolded you for slouching at a family dinner? Comments like that might be annoying—but they’re not wrong. Your posture is the foundation for every movement your body makes and can determine how well your body adapts to the stresses on it. Murat Dalkilinç gives the pros of good posture.

Lesson by Murat Dalkilinç, animation by Nadav Arbel.”The benefits of good posture