The Dark Facet of Cooking — Normally Black Hen
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Did you know there was such a factor as black hen? And I you should not mean as in dim feathers, but black skin, bones and even inner organs. There are basically a number of black hen breeds in the earth, specifically in Asia, but the most popular of all has to be the Chinese Silkie.

Silkies are wonderful birds, covered in fluffy plumage, which is said to sense like silk, but underneath all that fluff they are considerably a lot less appealing. Their skin is a dim-bluish colour, the flesh is dim beige and the bones and some inner organs are pitch black. Even though in the Western earth silkie chickens are sold primarily for ornamental reasons, in nations like China they are regarded as a super food and are appreciated for their deep, gammy flavor.

Termed “wu gu ji” or “black-boned hen”, the silkie has been prized for its medicinal price at any time due to the fact the seventh or eighth century. Chinese women take in it soon after they have offered delivery to get a enhance of power, but it truly is also said to have a constructive influence on the yin, blood, lungs and abdomen. Silkie meat is almost never roasted. To just take whole benefit of its healing attributes, the Chinese primarily use it to make an amber-colored broth laced with ginseng , dried wolfberries and jujubes.

According to a genetic analyze released in 2011, the exceptional trait of silkie chickens, known as fibromelanosis, is prompted by an strange genetic mutation characterized as “a intricate rearrangement that prospects to greater expression of Endothelin three, a gene which is known for marketing the advancement of pigment cells”. The significant enlargement of pigment cells not only tends to make the skin and bones black, but also leads to dim inner organs. One more appealing factor about silkies is their higher content of carnosine, a obviously occurring peptide which is sold as a dietary dietary supplement. Men and women just take it to improve muscle mass mass, ward of the outcomes of getting old and reduce ailments like diabetes or autism. Scientific studies have shown the black hen is a person of the richest sources of carnosine.

If you’re wanting to know how black hen meat preferences, most people today say it truly is no different than classic hen, but some say it truly is a minimal sweeter. So, would you embrace the dim facet and feast on the dim flesh of a silkie?


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  1. How the hell is acquiring melanin a mutation when amelanism is the opposite of melanism. Stop spreading a fallacy that attempts to discredit this amazing species. if anything "normal" chickens are mutated due to their lack of melanin. Get it right!

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