Delivery container dwelling design job 2

Hello anyone
in this online video I am likely to clearly show you job 2 for shipping container dwelling design.
I use “Delivery Container Residence Style Software”
listed here is url from exactly where u can download it from: in-Delivery-Container-Household-Designs.html

I am really passionate about homes like this 1st of all is simply because they are “eco-friendly” and is so several containers which no one particular use in the shipping ports … I received a good deal of tips and i have make really excellent exploration on this subject and i have gotten about price of making a dwelling like this …. the price of my job is gonna be distinct in each place but permit say in United kingdom about 40 000 with the price of the containers In US about the same and of training course + the price of the land.. anw if u r intrigued and have to have a lot more details make sure you produce me and I will be pleased to reply 🙂

many thanks for watching and looking at.


25 thoughts on “Delivery container dwelling design job 2”

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  2. Instead of wood can I use concrete for the outside the paint it or what cause we love in the Caribbean and you know the weather is rain and sun. Planing on building using container, I think it's much more cheaper than using all wood or concrete all over.

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