Quickly Food items Merchandise in Asia We Want Were in the US

In this article are some of our preferred speedy food items merchandise from Asia!
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43 thoughts on “Quickly Food items Merchandise in Asia We Want Were in the US”

  1. 15$ doesn't seem too expensive. Chicken Burger meal is like 7-9 euros in our Hesburger (like mcdonalds but with domestic ingredients?) so 15$ for caviar and lobster is pretty darn good :U

  2. I grew up in Hawaii, and realized that not all McDonalds have taro pies, and rice/eggs/Portuguese sausage breakfast platters when I tried ordering them on the mainland, and all I got was a "funny" look

  3. I love how you two represent everything Asian. Since mass media is dominated by White Americans. Its good to see Asians doing something beside ku fung or acting like a buck-tooth glass wearing idiot.

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