Mexican Individuals Try out Taco Bell For The Initial Time

“It’s an explosion of flavor!”

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38 thoughts on “Mexican Individuals Try out Taco Bell For The Initial Time”

  1. I have never had tacos during my travels to Mexico but the best ones I've had so far was at a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo. The chef, a big Mexican guy makes the corn tortillas with this cool tortilla press. It's not crunchy at all and the filling are really simple… a little cheese and meat, and some yummy pico de gallo.

  2. Taco Bell isn't and has never been Mexican food. It's Tex-Mex. It's similar to how Chinese food has evolved here in America to be something completely different than if you were to go and order a meal in China.

  3. the real mexican food is guisados, sopas, arroz, adobos, moles, the tacos just is some kind snack, thats why you see a lot food trucks or carritos on mexican streets selling tacos, but real mexican plates is "entomatado, pollo en salsa verde, costilla de puerco en salsa roja, etc etc, and you eat it with tortillas and some rice or soup.

  4. everybody in the Comments arguing that Mexican rice is orange, seriously need your head checked. it's only orange because tomatoes are added to it. the rice is white to begin with. you don't go to the store and buy orange rice. so anyone asking why rice is white, is a moron. plain and simple.

  5. Taco Bell's goal isn't to be authentic Mexican food, I like both authentic Mexican food and Taco Bell, but it's really just a different style of taco and that is what makes taco bell good.

  6. It's the same logic as anything, McDonald's burgers won't ever compare to a good homemade burger, just like Taco Bell can't really compare to homemade Mexican food (except for breakfast, you can't beat Taco Bell breakfast).

  7. It's amusing how all the younger folks are shitting all over it, but the old timers' general reactions are "meh, not for me" or "It's ok." Don't get me wrong, I love me some real Mexican food, especially tacos and tamales, but I'm always down for Taco Bell.

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