Us citizens Consider Filipino Street Foods

Ever tried out intestine?

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Philippines Grunge Flag
by: Nicolas Raymond


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26 thoughts on “Us citizens Consider Filipino Street Foods”

  1. i will never eat any asian street food! it could be dog or cat that was tortured did u guys know? thats what they eat in asia…not all but enough people still do, its part of their culture

  2. buzz feed I am a fan and I wish y'all could make a video on Filipino meals. To be specific I would actually want to watch Americans try to eat:

    1. Bicol Express
    2. Bulalo
    3. Sinigang
    4. Sisig
    5. Karekare
    6. Pancit
    7. Tuba and
    8. Halo-halo/Kuchinta/Toron

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