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It is now time to remove any distractions that may be around you so that you are able to focus on the following themes. Selecting an appropriate theme will lead you into the area that will best give you a greater understanding of the experience that is troubling you. If you are not sure of the most appropriate theme then it is best to read the information contained within LOVE. Now take some time to think further about your problem and try to understand the words you have just read. There might be a word that will lead you to another selection so explore the different options. Continue the process until you are comfortable with your thoughts and how they apply to the present situation. If you still find it difficult to understand then discuss what you have read with a friend or just take more time to digest what you have read. Remember too much information too soon can be overwhelming, revisit the site when you are ready to absorb and understand more.


Alexander Graham Bell


When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we don’t see the one which has opened.


To live the truth is one of the hardest lessons to learn. Being truthful to yourself and others is all part of living the truth.
Take three minutes of your time now to allow the truth to be revealed.



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“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

– James Lane Allen


Outlined here are possibly some of the most important sentences you will ever read. Reading them is one thing but to understand them is another. The best way to enjoy the list is to bookmark the page and use the list for guidance when required. You can ask questions and the answer will be contained below. Allow your eyes to scan the pages and ask for the sentence to be shown to you.

Another way to use the list is to print it out and cut into thin strips. By folding them and placing all of them into a bowl you can then ask the question and then select one strip that you are drawn to.

Once you have selected a strip or sentence, you then need to understand the message and how it applies to your particular situation. You can select another sentence or strip if you require further clarification. You can meditate on them if you want to but the main thing is to open your mind and think about what is being shown. A message may not be specific to your question but it was selected because your higher self wanted you to see it for some reason. Try to think what message is trying to be conveyed and how it is appropriate to your life at this particular point in time.



Love opens all doors  ~  Teach only love  ~  Love heals  ~  You deserve love  ~  Unconditional love transcends fear  ~  Love your inner child  ~  Unconditional love is learning to be the source of love  ~  Love attracts love like a magnet attracts steel  ~  In love there is no separation  ~  True healing involves compassion and love  ~  Feeling love changes negative energy  ~  Love is the key  ~  Love who you are and not who you should be  ~  There is no power greater than the power of love  ~  Like attracts like


Unfold like a flower  ~  Caged birds may not wish to fly if released  ~  Emotions help create reality  ~  Remain in tune with your inner voice


All shall be one  ~  What we give out is what we get back  ~  Light and truth  ~  An emptied mind is more receptive to see the truth  ~  In stillness find truth  ~  There are no accidents  ~  Everything is related  ~  You have the ability to know your truth  ~  You own nothing, it is borrowed  ~  It is the unexpected that happens  ~  Nothing is by chance  ~  Wishes too often come true  ~  Everything happens at once  ~  And this, too, shall pass  ~  Each moment is a new beginning  ~  The only rule is exception  ~  You do not have to go through pain to grow  ~  There is no one right way to evolve  ~  Everything is possible  ~  Nothing should be taken for granted  ~  Simply seeing is an act of creation  ~  There are miracles in everyday events  ~  Truth and love work not knowledge


All life is sacred  ~  Live, live, live  ~  Problems in life allow you to grow  ~  Everything is changing all the time  ~  Life is what you make it  ~  Living is a creative act  ~  Live fully in the moment  ~  Live reality  ~  Do not allow your thoughts to limit your life  ~  The human spirit knows no bounds  ~  Life feels no need to compromise


Stress is fear  ~  To dissolve fear, look directly at it  ~  The shadow in each of us is not to be feared  ~  Fear is not having trust


Our world is one of many  ~  Respect the world of the unknown  ~  Nothing is insignificant

Self Development

Visualise optimistic outcomes  ~  Make room for the new  ~  Denial slows down the process of self discovery  ~  Open your eyes and truly see  ~  Whats next? Look around you, the clues are there  ~  Never judge or criticize  ~  The power is there, we only have to plug into it and turn it on  ~  Stay on the path as best you can, it is your path  ~  The enemy is often ourselves  ~  The hand is your map and the heart is your guide  ~  I can change  ~  Concentrate on what you want rather than what you don’t want  ~  You deserve good  ~  Release anger in a positive way  ~  There are always doors waiting to open  ~  The will to change is the first step  ~  Acceptance  ~  Dissolve the barriers  ~  You are not responsible for everyone’s happiness  ~  The answers within  ~  Forgiveness is the key to our freedom  ~  Rise above negativity  ~  It’s ok to let go  ~  Listen with a silent mind  ~  Make a commitment to yourself today  ~  Never take anything too seriously  ~  Pay attention to your needs  ~  Dissolve resentment today  ~  Stop all criticism  ~  Listen, not only for sound  ~  You can heal yourself  ~  Affirmations do work  ~  Give to others what you want to receive  ~  Do not believe in limitations  ~  The power is within  ~  In silence shall be your strength  ~  Follow you inner voice  ~  Make room for the new  ~  To receive guidance, ask for it and listen  ~  Listen to your intuition  ~  Take time  ~  Make time  ~  The highest form of control is knowing when to let go  ~  Energy follows thought

More Self Development

There is a place to be alone  ~  Resistance causes suffering  ~  If you have nothing to defend, life becomes easier  ~  There is always someone better  ~  Reprogram your subconscious mind  ~  Laughter is the best medicine  ~  The greatest battles are fought within oneself  ~  Irritation is something you do to yourself  ~  Sometimes we must learn to ask for what we need  ~  We choose our thoughts  ~  When are we truly ourselves?  ~  Most of what we need is around us now  ~  Rise to great heights  ~  What you give to others is a gift to yourself  ~  Focus on what is good  ~  We see much, observe little and perceive less  ~  We each have our own inner clock  ~  Many doorways open when you follow your intuition  ~  Your brain is both a transmitter and a receiver  ~  Expand your horizons  ~  It is important to experience compassion  ~  Dwell not on the past  ~  To bring in guidance, sit quietly  ~  Release the past  ~  You can calm your emotions  ~  See no limitation  ~  Write down your goals, it will bring them to you faster  ~  When you operate from intuition things happen easily  ~  Tomorrow is another day  ~  The degree of pain in your life is a function of your own perception  ~  When one door closes another door opens  ~  ‘Necessity’ is a relative term  ~  Thinking can make it so  ~  The most difficult way is not always the best  ~  See what is directly before you before looking beyond  ~  Wisdom is the ability to know when to act  ~  I am good enough  ~  I can heal myself  ~  I can change


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