7 Most Effective Ways To Receive Spiritual Guidance

When you were learning to walk, all you did was keep trying. That’s all. Your reflexes naturally take you from rolling to crawling to standing to stumbling to walking.

There are muscles to strengthen and coordination to build, which takes time, but you don’t need instructions for it. Everything is built-in. You got the instructions when you were born.

7 Effective Ways To Receive Spiritual Guidance

learning to receive spiritual guidance

Here are 7 things I always remind people of to make the process faster and more entertaining. Remember, just keep trying to receive spiritual guidance and it will come naturally.

1. Getting frustrated will only make the process longer

It may take longer than you want to hear your Guides.

But, like learning to walk, beating yourself up over failures will only slow you down. So, enjoy the journey!

Get excited when you hear something, get a clear message, feel your Guide’s presence, or see light showing an answer to you. This means you’re improving.

If you try to talk to your Guides once or twice, don’t hear anything back, declare yourself a failure and decide that you can’t do it, that’s like standing up your newborn child and being disappointed when they don’t walk across the room. It’s just silly.

If you’re not hearing your guides yet, it just means you’re only part way along that journey

2. Be open to receive spiritual guidance in any form

Your Spirit Guides are very clever, and they know you better than you know yourself.

Even if you can’t hear them, they will find a way to get through to you, if you let them.

It might be a “thought,” or a dream, or an inspired answer coming through your friend.

Your attention might be drawn to words on a sign or to a specific article or book. You might overhear a conversation and get your answer. Maybe you’ll see light around someone who can help you.

If something seems a little funny – like there’s a glitch in the Matrix – pay attention. You are likely right next to your answer, and all you need to do is think about your question to find your answer.

3. Validate your successes

Think back to the times in your life where you already made remarkably good choices, where you succeeded in unlikely circumstances.

In these times, you were following your guidance superbly.

Maybe you thought it was your excellent brain that resulted in your success, but did you ever wonder where your brain got all those great insights and answers?

4. Try following your spiritual guidance, even if you’re unsure

When I was learning, I would play a game with my Guides while stuck in traffic.

I would ask “Of the many ways to drive to work, which is the fastest today?”

Sometimes I would hear a street name. Sometimes I would see light around a highway exit, or just feel compelled to turn a certain way.

Oftentimes, I was unsure if I was really getting guidance. I wondered if I was making it up. Yet, I followed it anyway.

More often than not, I was validated with an easy ride to work, and often I would see traffic backed up on the other possible routes.

Having a way to measure the results will make guidance seem more real.

5. Try NOT following your spiritual guidance

knowing how to receive spiritual guidance

It may sound funny, but consciously not following your guidance can provide great validation too!

With my traffic experiment, I would sometimes intentionally not go the way I was guided.

These choices took me into stand still traffic, road-side accidents, unusual road closures, and other unexpected delays.

For me, this was just as validating, as I could clearly see that my guidance was indeed making a difference.

Seeing the alternatives encouraged me to follow my guidance even more.

Obviously, I only recommend this approach for situations where a little difficulty or delay is acceptable for you.

6. Relax and have fun!

Don’t expect to get it perfect right away. You are learning, and you going to make mistakes. Sometimes, you will make up your answers or just hear what you want to hear. That’s ok.

Only with practice can you learn the difference.

Even when you are getting clear guidance, there are times where you will be surprised or disappointed by the initial results.

Occasionally, I would think… “I heard my guidance clearly, and I followed it. So, why did I end up in this difficult situation?!”

What I learned is that I am sometimes guided into difficult situations – perhaps to expose and heal an old wound, or to learn something valuable.

Some guidance can only be understood later – sometimes much later – when you have the perspective to see how the situation was perfect for you.

With experience, you will learn to trust your guidance, and be grateful for any experience it brings.

7. Get help from a psychic or energy worker

It always helps to spend time with energy healers who have already learned what you’re wanting to learn.

Get a healing, get a reading – get help in whatever you feel guided to do.

There’s no need to learn on your own, when there are great people available to help you!

How do I know if I’m hearing my Guides?

Messages from your guides are often funny, usually a bit surprising, and always insightful.

Importantly, they are always supportive and honest – not judgmental, pushy, or negative.

If you’re hearing messages like…

“Take choice A! Or else!” 
“Why are you such an idiot? Take choice B” 
“It doesn’t matter. You’ll fail either way.”
“That’s a stupid question.”

… these are not coming from your Spirit Guides. That’s likely just your pain talking.

Imagine you are turning a dial and tuning in to different radio stations. Keep trying until you get a better station.

No one is forcing you to listen to that boring, old, negative channel. (If they are, call me, and we’ll do an exorcism! Seriously.

Are you ready to receive spiritual guidance? Take your first step now! Share your journey with us in the comments below.

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