Where to BUY Retail & Repro Games ONLINE – Recommendations!

Metal Jesus & Reggie share all the online stores we use for buying retail, home-brew & reproduction games. This is perfect for game collectors looking for suggestions on where to find their retro games!


Retro retail games:

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33 Comments on “Where to BUY Retail & Repro Games ONLINE – Recommendations!”

  1. I'll try Lukie and Estarland. They seem to be the more interesting sites to look at. I might even just order something from them! Even though I live in Canada and probably have to do conversion.

  2. e starland has some of the worst pricing for retro games ive ever seen – i end up just going there to compare there prices with ebay now and then just buying 1 or 2 things max at there physical store here in the dc area – i rather go to other retro stores that actually let u haggle on prices and even throw in games for free if u buy more then 5..e starland does none of that

  3. that repro site is a pretty big ripoff aliexpress has a lot of common repro's for $20 and they're made with all new parts, ocdreproductions & thenesdump are two good sites with decent prices, ebay or amazon are really your best bet for regular games I haven't really found an eshop that has comparable or better prices

  4. dear metal Jesus I was selling repros on eBay and my listings kept getting pulled because I listed them as repros I'm not trying to pass off fakes as real anywho I got tired of listings being taken down so I listed them as homebrew and got a message from a very angry customer calling me a fraud so what is the difference between homebrew and repro neither one is original

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