4 Comments on “What Does a Marketer Actually Do?”

  1. What steps would you recommend to do without degree?
    I am currently at A levels programme in UK it is like preparation for college, and i don't really want to get in college.
    Do you think it is better to go to university or do something else?
    Btw great video! Thanks

  2. thank you for sharing your insights on the overall marketing spectrum. I am a college student pursing my degree in marketing and lately i have been feeling a little discouraged due to the fact that i am not very good at the numbers and analytical portions of marketing. I know i want to be in the marketing industry, however i do not know what industry i want to get into because marketing is so broad. i have always been interested in the entertainment side of things. i would love to know more in depth what a marketer does in a day to day basis. 
    Thank you again for sharing this.


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