Top Construction companies in the world – best companies for civil engineers

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Top 5 construction companies in the world – – best companies for civil engineers.

There are many large construction companies in the world where civil engineers, contractors, architects can consider for starting their career. however, lading a job in these companies is no mean feat at all. it requires many skills and years of training to get there.

5. Skanska

Based in Sweden, the multinational operates in the residential, commercial, residential and infrastructure sectors.

Revenue – €12 billion
employess 48,470
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
official website:

4. Hochtief

Focusing on infrastructure projects, the German company operates in the US through its Turner subsidiary. Hochtief employs around 50,000 people and celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2015

Revenue – €19.9 bn
employess 51,490
Headquarters Essen, Germany
official website:

3. Bechtel

The largest US contractor has worked on such high-profile projects as the Hoover Dam completed back in 1936, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system in the ‘70s and more recently the ‘Big Dig’ Central Artery project finished in 2007.

Revenue – $32.3 billion (2015)
employess worldwide 53000
Headquarters- San Francisco, California, U.S.

official website :

2. . Grupo ACS

The Spanish contractor was formed in 1997 through the merger of two other construction companies. It has grown through several high-profile acquisitions including that of Hochtief. The company has worked on the Alqueva Dam in Portugal and Torre de Cristal and Torre Espacio skyscrapers in its home country.

Revenue – €34.058 billion
employess worldwide 176,755
Headquarters- Madrid, Spain

official website

1. Vinci

Revenue – €38.5 billion
Projects – 280,000
employess worldwide 1,85,452

official facts& figure link$file/vinci-key_data-2015-En.pdf

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