1. Dating websites are for women who don't get any attention in real life on men and they probably have some baggage like a shit ton of kids or no job or something and they get on there and act picky as hell and try to land the hottest guy on there. Unless you are super attractive, a 9 or 10 then you won't get any replies but this same women are probably at 5 or 6 on a rating scale.

  2. if there was a site that cost 1000$ to sign up for all the bitches would be on there because theyre all hos and theyd know you have money to waste like that.. youd pay the 1000 then still get treated like a dbag..

  3. why do they act like they arent there to flirt and hookup? wtf are we here for? a relationship? what is a relationship? two people who fuck.. oh.. so whats the fucking problem with acting liek thats what youre looking for? as soon as you say anything they run and hide like they arent on there to meet guys.. this girl texted me hey there, i said hey back and sent a kissy face cuz she was hot and the next day it said the user was deleted probably because she blocked me.. what in the fuck.. you can talk all the shit you want and say i fucked up by not doing the right thing but what is the right thing? theres a certain amount of scripted things i should have said that every girl expects you to say because all girls are exactly the same person or something? what happened to be yourself? have personality.. be fun.. no youre supposed to be dry and have no personality and say laid back things like cool cool lets chill.. all acting like you arent there to hook up.. then later be like oh btw i was trying to hook up.. why even bother playing that dumb game? its stupid.,. we're here to fuck ladies and gentlemen.. thats what men and women do idk if anyone realizes this.. idk what the fuck kind of stupid mind games females are playing these days.. we fuck eachother.. thats what we do.. thats what we're looking for on a men meeting women dating website… im pretty sure these sites are all fake bots anyway or some shit.. it has to be.. ive literally never met a single girl on one.. how is that even possible? not a single girl in the whole world will meet me? either every girl is exactly the same person and they all think exactly the same thing about everything and im not doing the one thing they all expect guys to be like or these sites are fake.. and if they are all the same girl who thinks the same thing then i can easily just start acting like that because i know exactly what they want and start going around murdering women because im fake and know the exact right words to say.. its pretty dangerous to allow people into your life just because they said the exact right scripted words you were trying to hear no?

  4. ALL dating sites are a complete waste of time. I have tried several and out of the hundreds upon hundreds of initial contacts I made I got ZERO replies. You mentioned MATCH here. Well, I paid for 3 months of match. I sent out a minimum of 3 initial contacts per day, 7 days a week for three months, (that 92 initial contacts here) and got ZERO replies. What a waste of f*cking money. Never again. As far as I'm concerned, all the women on dating sites are self-centered cunts. (Mind you, I am in no way classifying all women here.)

  5. When I use to be on dating websites, I would at the least view the profile of the guy who messaged… That shows that I gave it a chance… Lol… But like you said, when you get a lot of messages, you don't want to spend your day replying that you aren't interested… Ive tried that and they either get smart with you or ask why lol.. It just saves time to not reply when u aren't interested…

  6. I think all dating sites are bunch of shit. You gotta have tons of money to actually look at ur messages if u want a date. The whole idea of these sites are trash. I had a 1 year membership for match but I canceled it cause scammers were asking me to buy them itune cards..

  7. There are way too many men who have sunk too low and compromised themselves to try and date these women. We reached a Tipping Point with this a long time ago and the market is now completely saturated with this type of behavior. Even a handsome wealthy man will have to compete with a bevy of other man that appear the same way on the internet. The cure for this is to stop feeding the Beast. Men need to stop being so desperate and Catering to these b**** online. We’ve gotten to a point now where all a woman has to do is open up a smartphone and she'll have a bevy of desperate sex hungry men offering to each buy her more stuff than the last to try and get into the pants that she's never taking off. It's time for men to stop doing this to themselves and go do something else with their lives. Maybe after a long time of abstinence things will correct themselves but I wouldn't wait for that to happen in our lifetime. Luckily enough there's a lot more to life than chasing these b**** around. As a matter of fact once you cut this out of your life you'll see that other more productive interest were really better all along. The only thing you ever got from these women is a spent load and an empty wallet.

  8. They are fucking lying they don't want shit they don't even reply all of them on it is to flirt and have fun and they looking rich man its more of of physical appearance and if your not in a well paid job as. One individual says you delete you profile have done that bcz i discover that

  9. The thing is if she finds you attractive and you just write "hey" she'll reply. You could write the next Shakespeare and if she doesn't find you attractive she won't reply. The problem really is all the loser idiots that do as you say "message the easy looking ones". What happens is these women probably think these guys want to date them and they THINK their sexual value has gone up. There's two ways I judge women on any dating site. The first is , ones I'd fuck, and the second is ones I'd date.

  10. Meeting online freaks me out gives me the worst anxiety ever very uncomfortable than you spend forever texting back and fourth when you finally meet it's like all over again getting to know one another …the thing about online is your pushing Destiny what's not meant to be so nothing could come good out of that…and I'm a female

  11. Becareful with only head shots and women with kids how you gonna have 3 kids buts want a good man ain't no good man gonna want a used up woman with three kids and you especially shouldn't be online trying to bring a man home to your kids womem with kids online are desperate and will pry get with anything

  12. lol I had my cold and hot days on there too!!! I will only visit that site once in a blue moon Don't waste too much time on there – and sometimes you only get lucky on there only a certain time of the year and that's it!! hehehe

  13. Hi …..men have to contact me 1st. ….plus I delete men who cannot write a complete interactive "sentence"..I.e. those instant messages like "I like your profile" " hit me up" no "effort at all". .i click delete. I am on blackpeoplemeet.com and I go on "safe dates in public places..yes I delete a lot of those non effort messages.. And I never view a men's profile 1st…the men must take the "lead"… lol I cut through the bullshit by using the delete ..on the positive side, I have met some very nice men on Blackpeople Meet.com and it's because I do not waste my time with time wasters Good luck!!!

  14. If you know she's getting hundreds of messages why would you ONLY say "hey, how you doing"? How do she respond to that other than a one word answer like "Okay" I mean seriously you guys are killing me. Also what do you mean she could have told you she not interested? Firstly she gets hundreds of messages, Secondly she don't know you at ALL and thirdly you can't put two and two together?

  15. hahaha!! you are so funny… what could be wrong with you, why you did not have a success with any girl? you don't look like Will Smith, but you still look cool and have a nice smile πŸ™‚

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  17. You guys don't know what's going on behind the scenes. These dating sites are out to make money so they are setting up algorithms Rules within the site so your chances of meeting someone of like mind and quality is harder hence the $$Upgrading Requests$$. We are living in a society where they are literally fucking with the psychology of the melanated black man and woman because they don't want us to unite. These site administrators along with the use of data mining will make it real difficult for us to find a real mate of substance. This is nothing new if you follow the patterns of oppression you will realize that this is all by design to separate the original black man and woman. Keep the narcissism and feminism rate high within the black woman so they distort the masculinity within the black man so they can either swirl or turn gay. They are also putting chemicals in our food and in the government weed you smoke to strengthen the estrogen in men and strengthen the testosterone in women .You see we have to start thinking or they will destroy us all.

  18. I have the same frustrations. Other than what you mentioned, there's other shit like, ghosting.Β  Having great messaging, finding great things in common, having some laughs, working towards meeting,Β then they just f- – – king vanish or block you.Β Β I'm on both POF and Match.Β  I'm not Mr. GQ hot male model but I believe I'm slightly better than average looking (that's not just what my Mom told me), I love making girls laugh, I'm a great cook, musician/songwriter, but even still, I get blown off by 80% of the girls I message.Β  WTF!!!Β  I'm not necessarily messaging Victoria Secret looking girls but ones that are really cute, intelligent, interesting.Β  Β I don't just say HI with a little smiley face emoticon, I say something complimentary, sweet or cute and witty.Β  Still get blown off!!!Β  They're obviously holding out for the perfect guy but how do they know the perfect guy will settle for them???Β  These girls who blew me off for their perfect match long ago, ARE STILL THERE, so what does that say about them.Β  They won't give me a chance and still won't.Β  Last time I had a relationship off of Match was this really cute redhead who used me as a rebound after 4 months.Β  Now I'm back on the sites again.

  19. Here's the thing, I know you feel you have to send a hundred messages (because of other guys), but you're only making the problem worse by sending out a million form letters. Imagine if EVERY guy was doing what you're doing… no girl is going to respond to a personalized message from a guy who really does like her.

  20. You're absolutely correct with this video I actually have a female friend that uses POF from time to time and I saw her inbox and one week she had 500 messages by 500 different men women that go on these web sites they're not looking for a man they're not looking for a relationship it's strictly an ego boost and it's funny because you will see a woman and that she would disappear and then she'll come back too much later why she met somebody and as soon as it's over she's right back on there it's not designed for men it's designed for women because you see some women that are extremely average that you will never approach in person but the problem is thirsty guys are hitting them up so they think that they're hot but they're not I completely removed every dating app for my phone every social media thing off of my phone because we as men cat be obsessing over these average women with multiple kids and makes no sense these women that use these websites are over the age of 30 way past her Prime and we're chasing them and begging them for attention why don't do online dating it's a complete waste of time

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