Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Everyone Should Know!!!

What are some of the symptoms of breast cancer
Breast Cancer Survival Manual:

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide. 18.2% of all deaths from cancer worldwide including both males and females are from breast cancer.

Breast cancer usually starts off in the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply them with milk. And this malignant tumor can spread to other parts of the body.

0:41 Warning signs of breast cancer vary from woman to woman, and there are some cases where symptoms don’t show up at all, even in mammography scans.
Anyhow, let’s see what are some of the symptoms of breast cancer

1. Pain in the breast or chest 0:55

2. Itchy breasts 1:16

3. Pain around upper back, shoulder and neck area 1:36

4. Changes in breast shape, size, or appearance 2:09

5. Change in nipple appearance or sensitivity 2:43

6. Swelling or lump in your armpit 3:15

7. Red, swollen breasts 3:56

So, These are some of the symptoms of breast cancer you should know. Do take a note of it, and stay healthy

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45 Comments on “Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Everyone Should Know!!!”

  1. could have done without the f'ing scary music, people coming here worried about this, how can you possibly think it's okay to use psychological scare tactics on them??
    get off Youtube

  2. I've had a lump on my left breast for 4 years now. It started out the size of a penny now it's now the size of a walnut, it's starting to hurt now when i touch it. I have no insurance, does anyone know if i can get it checked for free? I've looked online for places in my area but i can't find anything

  3. But one of my breasts is bigger than the other and there is pain and I go home everyday and I feel scared because there is pain.I just need to know weather it is breast cancer or not because im too scared to tell my mom to get her worrying.

  4. So I'm 13 and i recently found a lump right next to my nipple, it's around 1/5 the size of.. ya know and when I squeeze the lump it feels like a grain of rice. This is freaking my out.

  5. hi! some of the symptoms are present, is it possible that I have a breast cancer? and ive read some comments that it is normal sice were still growing up and im already 17. im scared, I moght die anytime now without achieving my goals. I meed answers, please?!

  6. Hello everyone…Just wanted to leave info on iodine…This mineral is soooo very important & needed for the health of the entire body…Breasts need 3-5mg of iodine daily, depending on their size…For starters, applying iodine to breasts topically will help tremendously…Taking it orally is best, but for those who doubt this topically can reassure you most definitely…Lugol's 2%-5% is a great start…I found out alot about iodine b/c of years of thyroid issues…Iodine information has been lost in the shuffle over the years…Very important for the entire body…Also plays a huge part in prostate health, which is high on the rise…Please research how important iodine levels are for your health…

  7. im 12 years old and I have a flat chest completely flat I have the body of a 6 year old but I noticed that I have a hard bump underneath my nipple its sore when I touch it or bump into something its on the  right side nothing on the left please help idk what it is.

  8. Actually… I have cysts in my breasts but doctor said it just symple lumps but it can become a cancer when it increases…. And now it increased …. And I wanna know that is it cancer ?

  9. My right nipple (areola part) is not the same size as my left side. I am 17 years old right now. My left side is bigger than the right side. What should I do
    Is that normal? Please help me

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