Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 7

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The 4TB My Passport external hard drive got another price drop. It is now at $113.75 (original price was $159.99) Here is the link to it:

The 2TB external hard drive is also on sale at a really low price (currently $78.98)


44 Comments on “Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 7”

  1. Titanfall 2 was a sleeper hit for me.

    Never played 1. Wasn't even excited for this one. But it was on a deep deep sale once so I bought it.

    One of my favorite shooters now.

    Just so smooth and fluid. Beats the shit out of COD

  2. Not to hate here, but i can`t believe 20 dollars is cheap now for a console game. 2 weeks back i got DMC 5 and Strider + another game for 1 buck on pc via humble bundle. I think that sony nintendo and microsoft should do something with there game pricing at least on the store. But still a nice video 😉

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