Quantum Computing 2017 Update

Quantum computers may soon be the most powerful data center hardware. Here I review quantum computing concepts, and highlight recent innovations from IBM, D-Wave Systems, Google, Microsoft, Intel and Alibaba.

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Websites, press releases and articles referred to in the video are as follows:

IBM Q online quantum computer:

IBM cloud quantum computer press release, May 2016:

IBM Q press release, March 2017:

Latest IBM quantum processors press release, May 2017:

“Physical Review X” technical article on D-Wave 2X performance (1 August 2016): https://journals.aps.org/prx/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevX.6.031015

“Nature” article by Google Quantum AI Lab engineers (March 2017):

Microsoft Station Q: https://stationq.microsoft.com/

“MIT Technology Review” article on Intel silicon-based quantum computing (December 2016):

Alibaba quantum computing lab press release (July 2015):

Other sources you may find useful include:

D-Wave Systems website: https://www.dwavesys.com/

D-Wave Systems video explaining quantum annealing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvfkXjzzYOo

“New Scientist” article on Google’s quantum chips (June 2017):

“Tech Radar” article on Microsoft quantum computing (December 2016):

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46 Comments on “Quantum Computing 2017 Update”

  1. Someone in the future will show this to their friend when he says "That type of thing is likely never to happen in the home or most workplaces, so we can be fairly certain that Quantum Computers will always be constrained to data-centers" and laugh as they use their home quantum AI assistant.

  2. What about superposition of one electron in two different places simultaneously? It's all balderdash. Just like with fusion you are all barking up the wrong tree because historical scientists have got things that only matter now wrong. All the other mistakes have been found and corrected with the physics we have to date.
    Yes entanglement is a real phenomenon but it is being interpreted by quantum mechanics which is a pseudoscience or magic. Good luck with that. Many have seen my theories on the web. It's a start but when all this fails they've got somewhere to come back to. No I'm not a genius i just found some mistakes in historical physics which have led science up the garden path in certain areas. Where is the dark energy? What does a Higg's boson do actually? there are real answers to these questions that fit with the whole jigsaw puzzle.

  3. Really enjoyable vid and clearly explained. Voice reminded me of someone rather spectacular, it took me a while to make the correlation but Jasper Carrot sprung to mind 🙂 To be taken as a compliment. Will be watching your other videos too. Thank you. Nice to hear some proper English too..

  4. The Youtube Cosmogenesis – Super Qubits and Quantum Computers https://youtu.be/XcThfpu677U reveals the underlying binary mathematics within the I Ching as a model of the interior of a super Qubit which can be utilised in the design of Quantum Computers. This will provide the next step in our understanding in creating genesis computers that can create whole new universes. Also go to the section "The I Ching an Oriental Curiosity?" on the website http://thenumbernine.weebly.com/ for further insights into the utilization of the I Ching in creating quantum computers and a deeper understanding of the construction of super Qubits through spin/rotation of zeros and ones.

  5. Since it's a relatively recent video. And he does mention D-Wave near the end. He should mostly have said that they seem stuck at 1000 Q-bits since years now. And there is no sign of amelioration to come!

  6. Came here because of the 49 qbit intel proccesor release, definitely cleared things up with this video. I am so amazed how fast this technology is going, 3 years ago or so i heard cosmologists like Sean Carol being sceptical if the theory behind it even works. But engineers dont give a damn about theory.

  7. The realistic outcome of quantum mechanics and full fledge A.I. will be the realization that the A.I. no-longer sees the need for human beings. Now you just sleep tight on that one……

  8. Ok, the binary 1's and 0's computers use TRANSISTORS. Transistors are devices – which can be made very small – yet which provide a measure able output of voltage or no voltage that is then interpreted as a 1 or a zero by the these same devices.
    I understand that they are now subatomic particles called qubits to provide multiple states from the same particles. How do they measure this and keep track of these varying states? Moreover, how are they connecting to these subatomic (particles) to use them – this is a huge piece of this puzzle that appears to be total BS because everyone who explains it leaves that part out. They are still using 1's and 0's on a quantum level with subatomic particles. So how is the quantum computer keeping track of these constantly changing states of these "subatomic" particles if they cant connect to them physically to formulate useable information? Transistors made of doped material can be turned on and off using voltage through logic circuits. There has to be a contollable physical connection to the subatomic world. How are they connecting to them to measure and keep track of them to process them as valid information?

  9. D-wave computers sound like cars of the 60's. 400 cu. in motors putting out 200 horsepower. IBM sounds more like modern engines. 2.0 liter engines putting out 350 horsepower. D-Wave is capitalizing on size and ignoring efficiency. More qubits but not really doing much. The reason small engines produce so much power is because how tightly controlled the system is. I think IBM is doing it the right way. Control each qubit. An IBM 50 will more than likely out perform a D-Wave 10000. I no doubt am misinterpreting all this but it sounds to me that D-Wave is simply allowing there system to be absorbed by the environment. That doesn't sound sustainable on a large scale. How does decoherence factor in?

  10. First of all there is no such thing as Quanta., Hence there is no such thing as Quantum Physics….. Regarding light, light may have different properties under different circumstances and can be of different uses in the coming future other than its common usage…..but this doesn't prove that Quantum Physics is true, Quantum Physics has nothing to do with light. Anybody who explains the Nature of light is a liar and a fraud, we can't explain the nature of light.

  11. The first quantum computer is Canadian made by D-Wave in 2007
    D-Wave was rejected by us compagnies witch they finally bough one with google and another organization
    He’s talking about ibm who wants to built one now

  12. Humans are the only species smart enough to create a quantum supercomputer while simultaneously not being smart enough to figure out how to feed everyone on the planet, even though we throw away 100 billion pounds of food each year in the US alone.

  13. Looks like the sphere from the movie "Sphere" circa 1998. Ah so that what it was, a quantum computer that had spawned it's own intelligence then went mustang.

  14. You people have no clue what is going on. Hell, you still have no idea what we were doing to you during the Prodigy/AOL days and you think this is a good idea? You might as well be lemmings going off a cliff with a dumb smile on your face.

  15. Something about this makes it all sound like bullshit to me. I mean, he said a 50 quibit system would have "quantum supremacy", and yet there's several machines he listed that have 10-20 times as many qubits. Why haven't we seen any super-major advancements in any number of fields you care to mention(medical, aviation, physics, etc.)? Or have I missed them?

  16. And so the door opens to the possibility of non-biological people .
    And no, I'm not talking about androids or anything of the like… though those will no doubt come along as well.

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