Pre Paid Legal Services, Inc. -The Truth About Pre Paid Legal Services I by Chaitanya Lay and Harry Gopaul providing information to allow people to make informed decisions about Pre Paid Legal, not only as providers of Pre Paid Legal services they have found pre paid legal to come to rely on it to fit all their Legal needs. However while not attempting to sell you a program that is not right for you, Chaitanya and Harry will assist you in locating the right pre paid legal service plan for you in order for you to get the legal coverage that fits into your needs.

Chaitanya and Harry believe in providing excellent service in helping people get the legal help they need.
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So is Pre-paid Legal Services the real deal when it comes to running your own business and making a fortune? You are probably considering it, and have heard a lot about the benefits. Are you hoping that this company holds the key to your dreams? How can you know for sure if Pre-Paid Legal Services is for real before you dedicate your precious time and energy to it? Get the facts before you go any further.

The Background

Pre-Paid Legal Services was founded when Harland Stonecipher was involved in a serious auto accident in 1969. In spite of the fact that he was not at fault, his expenses piled up quickly, while he attempted to have his medical bills taken care of by the insurance company. This inspired Harland to come up with the idea of a kind of “legal medical insurance” called Pre-Paid Legal Services.

What Is It Exactly?

Today a network of more than 50 independent law firms across the U.S. and Canada is working to provide Pre-Paid Legal Services for all of the people who are members of this great business. The plans provide for legal service benefits including: unlimited attorney consultation, letter writing, document preparation and review, will preparation, traffic violation defense, automobile-related criminal charges defense, and a general trial defense.

In addition Pre-Paid Legal Services markets identity theft protection and monitoring, and restoration products. The company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and is a member of the S & P Small Cap index, and the S&P 1500 Super Comp index. On top of all of these services, prepaid legal provides the option for its members to earn a residual income for every person they sign up.

Points to Consider

The product and the idea are truly unique, and will always be a need for the services. The great thing about Pre-Paid Legal Services is that even if you are not interested in the business opportunity, the product is a great buy. This alone eliminates the majority of the problems involved in these types of businesses.

This is honestly one of the most credible businesses out there. As a business opportunity, there may be better options to consider. The commissions are very small and you may have to work for a very long time marketing your business before you actually make any serious money doing so.

Pre-Paid Legal is a great company, and it is highly recommended that anyone who needs any kind of legal services pay the thirty dollars a month. When it comes to business opportunities you need to evaluate what kind of earning potential you’re looking for in a business. The best home businesses of today have amazing potential for quickly replacing income while simultaneously building a strong residual income stream to free you from the working world. All of this can even be done with systems that are 97% automated, allowing you to put in as little as 10 hours per week for a six figure income.


19 Comments on “Pre Paid Legal Services, Inc. -The Truth About Pre Paid Legal Services I”

  1. Travis Alexander was a prepaid legal "businessman" now I can see how he was dumb enough to fall for Jodi Arias and her crazy shit. Prepaid legal is bullshit and Travis Alexander was gullible.

  2. I want to pull money out of a hat & "pretend" im doing something also. A close relative of mine passed away & guess what I inherited? Several pyramid schemes. Im baffled at the poor quality of the folks that get recruited. My relative was NEVER a buisenessman. So they took his money & gave empty promises right before he died. I haven't seen a dime from these guys.

  3. This is how it works , just let's say you need legal service and you have to have it right now ,well you call a lawyer ,not so fast first thing do you know this lawyer for real  so you tell him your problem and he give you his price 1,000. well that is about the going price.but with the legal shield you pay much less,if you need be bail out of jail service
    is at your finger tip's take it from me Michael McDonald you won't be sorry ,so don't
    put it off get the shield the legal shield.

  4. get a copy of what they DONT cover and what they EXCLUDE and youll realize they exclude everything and you end up with a free will, a free will because its worthless. ask travis alexander why he was murdered and its because he signed up and scammed the wrong girl in legal shield and she killed him for fu*king her over. lmfao

  5. This dumb ass Multi Level Marketing pyramid scheme was caldwell legal… then prepaid legal… then legal shield… sells an OPPORTUNITY… thats it… you pay them to waste your time… lol… a scam…

  6. You stupid fuck. It went private again in 2011 so you wouldn't know how they are doing unless you are one of the owners. Private companies do not have to report anything to anyone. Keep on thinking "YOUR" business is "doing very well."

  7. Legal Shield is a very real, informative, and up and coming company. In business for 41 years it allows equaljustice for each member and has made a very nice living for me and I have helped LOTS of people realize their dreams. The only people who don't succeed are the ones who are too lay to work!!! Don't miss a great opportunity. I usethem as a member at least onceor twice a month!

  8. ppl is a joke… a former co worker needed help., He kids father was physically abusing them nearly killing them. PPL favored in the father. The mom was forced to hand her kids to their dad or lose her kids. The kids nearly died. PPL sucks.

  9. I have been an independent associate with PPL, now Legal Shield for ten years. People who do not like the company do not want to work. This is a BUSINESS, not a charity. One must treat your business as though it was a brick and mortar store. Although I've not been able to work for the past several months due to serious health problems, my residual checks keep showing up in my bank account. You CAN become wealthy, but real WORK is required. Treat it professionally and you will succeed.

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