Power of Lek Lai Bulletproof Buddha Magic Documentary

Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Elemental substance – a debunker documentary by Thai Channel 5. The documentary does not debunk anything successfully, because no real shots are ever fired at the Lek Lai, so nobody knows if it would have gone off

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24 Comments on “Power of Lek Lai Bulletproof Buddha Magic Documentary”

  1. Once upon time there was a guy who live in black neighborhood and in this neighborhood there was a lot of shooters so this guy here went and bought lek lai from random Thai guy and now he think he is bulletproof so he went to his friend and showed his friend this video and told him that he got lek lai and ask his friend to shoot him and his friend ask him if he was sure about it and he said yeah my nigga just shoot me I got this lek lai Buddha magic shit and his friend shot him a few times and guess what happen next? His friend went to jail of first degree murdere

  2. yeah right!! can stop knifes and bullets, my thai cousin got one of those tattoo's , i keep telling him to test it out, let me stab u some place non lethal, he won't

  3. There is something about Lek Lai I wouldn't be so skeptical about there is somekind of supernatural side to it, I put mine in a pot of boiling water then I removed it from the boiling water say 5 mins later the Lek cooled off very quickly, I didn't burn myself.

  4. The way he triggered the gun and it fake .. First 2 shots hold and released second action ..fired !!! The next 2 shots he just snap without second action ( he knew that it will not fire !!) … It total fake !!!

  5. then what was the point of this program if they didn't actually shoot at this stuff?  and I don't care if a person wears an entire suit of armor made out of this stuff.  if some one shot him with a gun, he'd be injured or worse. 

    there are no "miraculous" magical substances that would keep a person from getting killed. if there were, it would have been common knowledge by now, and every army in the world would have been using it for thousands of years now.  childish fantasy, that's all this is.

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