50 Comments on “Philip Kotler: Marketing”

  1. This is the same thing my marketing professor, who studied Philip Kotler, emphasized to us… marketing is a behavioral science and belongs in humanities. I hate when I meet people who look at marketing as mainly having to do with economics or business management. And I hate to say this, but a lot of the people I have come across who believe this, are long time marketing professionals. We are living in a different era.

  2. what a nice man and an excellent presentation – I believe that marketing on the whole provides a great benefit to society – and yet I believe that from a certain perspective we are just beginning as to what is possible – meaning we have a great more improvement possible as we move forward –

    just this past few months a new live streaming social media has been introduced called blab where people can have conversations with others from different parts of the globe and also to view the conversations of other people from different parts of the globe – and I believe that this new live stream social medium has the potential to really accelerate the power of marketing overall –

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