My Top 10 Favourite International Websites For Buying Makeup | SaloniMaathur

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30 Comments on “My Top 10 Favourite International Websites For Buying Makeup | SaloniMaathur”

  1. Am little late in watching this video but trust me your video should have millions views !! You have explained everything so well . ❤️

    And is there any way we can avoid paying custom duty ??
    Please do help if there is any possibility !! 😻😻

  2. can you tell a website where i can get mark jacobs remarcable foundation to ship to india? i researched a lotttt but i just cant find of any that ships worlwide

  3. Great Review, You are very thorough in your explaination and really give a detailed insight into the product :). I found a website last month selling the most affordable cosmetics i've seen on the net. The websites URL is: You should check them out and maybe do a review on one of their products. They offer free shipping, coupons, discounts and they have a sale on lol. Look Foward to your coming videos, I really love your reviews 😀

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