Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016 Review! Best Business Class Laptop?

The 4th Generation Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is a business class laptop that’s durable, powerful and portable. Now in its 4th Generation, Lenovo has created its lightest 14-inch laptop without any compromises.

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32 Comments on “Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016 Review! Best Business Class Laptop?”

  1. Matthew, your video was very helpful, but I can't stop laughing. The next time you shoot a video, make sure you are not standing in front of your cow picture. For most of the video you have perfect cow ears. Too funny. Sorry, but I just had to say something. LOL

  2. I have a really bad experience with Lenovo laptops. I bought a 2014 Lenovo Y50 before. The hard driver was broken after I used it for a month. Although Lenovo helped me change the hard driver, there were many issues that bothered me. Couple friends of mine complained about bad experiences of using Lenovo laptops too, like screen, keyboard or hard driver problem. But I heard that Thinkpad products are much better (Well, we can tell a big difference of the price lol). Is the quality control of Thinkpad good?

  3. I got the laptop. Lenovo x1 carbon 4th gen. signiture edition. i7-6600u CPU at 2.60ghz 2.81 ghz, RAM 16gb, 1tb SATA, 64bit windows pro…this is the perfect laptop to transition from OSX into Windows. The only problem is no SD slot only mini, the track pad is great but not amazing (coming from macbook pro trackpad)..It still feels nice and high quality though. Really love the red mouse button (IDK what its called) helps when getting to small detailed editing, Photos and video. Portable, light and perfect for everything I need to do in life. Business, programming, and editing video/photo content.

    The keyboard feels natural.
    Speakers are great.
    Resolution is 2560 x 1440.

    I recommend this laptop to anyone looking to transition from apple laptops into windows laptop. Just have to sacrifice a few features. One thing I will miss is retna display…..hmmm :/

    anyways thanks for the review. You helped me make my decision.

  4. I just can't take thinkpads seriously. Most are plastic (not this one.) The red dot in the middle is useless, the speakers are tinny, the trackpads are awful, and they are used in schools because they are just that cheap.

  5. Can anyone comment on the display clarity on the WQHD model, please? Can you see the pixels? I'm deciding between this or a Retina MBP and the FHD on my gf's T460s is really bad. I read and write a lot, usually in small fonts, so this is a big issue for me. Thanks.

  6. can someone help me?
    lenovo ideapad 510-15 isk: i7 6500U dual core 2.5 ghz 3.1 ghz, ddr4 8 ram, 4mb l3 cache. nvidia geforce 940mx 2 gb gddr3. no ssd, hdd 5400 rpm.
    for heavy excel files like 40-100 mb each. aftereffect, no gaming. i just dont like no ssd and dual core? what do you think guys?

  7. Excellent video review, excellent laptop. I bought it for coding, all I can say is "THAT KEYBOARD!", better than any laptop keyboard I've ever had. Runs Linux with no glitches.

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