Jim Carrey – Energy of Life | Spiritual Message

“Once you realise you’re complete, then this life and everything in it becomes a play of form” – Jim Carrey
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45 Comments on “Jim Carrey – Energy of Life | Spiritual Message”

  1. I just want to tell everyone that he is completely right. Way before he even said any of these things I already knew. Let me tell you how I started to get there. When I was about 25 I started getting so depressed that I couldn’t get up everyday to even wash dishes, go outside to play with my child, take a shower, basically anything that involves moving because I felt worthless and didn’t have the energy to function. I was on the edge of harming myself. I went through a few years of this Great Depression I had and every single day I would pray to God to guide me and protect me. I would tell God that I didn’t want to hurt myself because of my little girl but things were getting so bad I felt that I was going to kill myself and I would just keep telling God please help me I need you more than anything. I woke up one day depression free and had all this knowledge I didn’t have before. I would tell my husband everything I had in my mind and he use to call me crazy that I needed to come back to reality. After awhile he eventually believed me. Thank God that he woke me up and healed my depression. Everything Jim Carrey is saying is so true. I hope everyone wakes up and realizes how much the world has manipulated you everyday of your life. I was one who was asleep but now awake.

  2. People are completly lost …. nothing could be done to make the reverse operation . Nobody seem to understand this no matter how you explain it …their mentality are way too much affected and people are ALWAYS keeping going back to the destructive loop of ‘materialistic’ … no one is really helping the evolutions of mankind because they are all convict you need to escape the mother nature itself to live forever …. people don’t understand the weakeness of the leader now that can be found into all humain ,the laws of the nature itself presenting the golden ratio at every level giving the result of the brain to always tend to go less for more .Mainly the laziness the weakness of our selective memory and fear is the main faulty code in our DNA….. … If you think im wrong and the society are some how not taking you for a fool ,can you just one seconde realize all our losten energy represented by all the money stacked sleeping up into all the business account….but as its has already said the main problem its not the industry itself its the mankind that keep losing their precious energy for the lost profit of all entreprise…. Yes you can cry if your are born with the drive of changing the words for something positive as i was and all the greatess scientists like tesla that purely understand we are music .we are energy and vibration and we must vibrate together to get the better .but are not a whole but we can connect and exchange energy … but since we live into the same whole everything you do affect me….

  3. I wonder when did this Jim Carrey guy become a certified spiritual teacher, last I knew he was just an entertainer, and by all evidence a quite egotistical and confused human being… Or could it be that he is just playing another part, being the professional Liar Liar that he is? Seeing how eastern mysticism through the form of New Age is the new trend being heavily promoted by the mass medias (Oprah, Joel Osteen, Eckardt Tolle…), I'll assume that mr Carrey has just been hired for his latest role, that of a false teacher indoctrinating the unsuspecting sheep into the religion of the Aquarian Age. And one must admit he's quite successful at doing so, seeing how people are falling for his performance!

  4. Everyone is not God,
    OTher then this i love you 🙂
    God is only who created us, who gave us this energy which me and you are feeling right now
    this video quoted Rumi at the beginning of this video, and let me tell you Rumi was Muslim and he loves Allah and in his remembrance he wrote many books 🙂

  5. Jim, thank you! I find it highly unlikely you will ever read this but it would be wonderful for you to know how incredible it is for me that some how you are the first person i have come across, who totally shares my apparently similar understanding of our universal environment and that I'm sure we came about it in similar ways however very different our lives are. I wasn't even looking for a spiritual like mind but watched a few of these videos and i can't explain my enlightenment. I have had a complex life, a few cultural exposures that maybe help me relate to you as a manifestation and subsequently have been similar diagnosis. In highly improbable situations, I survive. I believe partly because of my nature and opening my eyes to an phenomenally bigger picture is much a credit to that. However my 'labels' and being a lama in a heard of sheep, means I'm easily brushed off. I think the points of views such as ours, are something highly personal. I won't go on, just wanted to send some positive vibes in a sense your way. I'd love to pick your brain as a person, but you are legendarily famous and I'm one of so many. So I'm just pleased to post this eureka your way 🙂

  6. Alright firstly, become selfless, truly selfless, do good for others not because you want people to like you but because you actually want to be kind. Be 100% honest, tell the truth, don’t even tell little white lies, and if you feel the need to lie about anything, then just don’t do the thing you did that you feel you have to lie about it. Once you master Love and Honesty. You’ll begin the journey to enlightenment, and things will just slowly start to fall in place for you.

  7. The funniest thing about this path is, we all start in the opposite direction. Spiritual pride, thinking there is some magic to it… then you take LSD and realise that is the opposite of what monks experience, and it's hilarious
    there is abolutely no mystery or magic

  8. Pranic and Chi Awareness – good stuff. I'm just wondering whether he's touching the cusp of his new awareness, or how deep he's found it.
    How much is wisdom heard that makes sense or actually experiential, or perhaps one (or more) fleeting glances.
    Often someone new to it will be a bit preachy until it becomes a normal experience for them rather than a WOW revelation.
    I'm glad though, that he's speaking like this.
    And, no, he's not going mad 🙂

  9. Jim Carrey is an idiot. If you are reading this Jimbo, you need to educate yourself on what is happening in the world. Your twitter comments reflect a naive, stupid and wanton attitude toward the world. No-one cares about your Hollywood soap box, or your idiotic opinions. Tell ya what, go back to your millions, sit on a toilet and take a crap..you might discover your brain cells (or cell). Finally, renounce your Canadian citizenship..you belong in the States – idiot.

  10. It's so true..We all energy..We all actually born with no choice over our identity and personality..your parents chose your name..your appearance is based on genetics from your parents and grandparents and so on..your religions thoughts and language you speak..we have no power over ourselves..you're only an energy confined in a body and identity you didn't choose..the only constant thing that is separate from a body you didn't choose..once you go deep within you will find god and your true self

  11. Jesus said, If you have seen me, have seen the Father. Through Christ our original identity was revealed. He showed us who God was is and is to come. He is not a mean Dad, as some have portrayed. He is love, Jesus is love we are love. This is a beautiful revealing. Peace! ♡

  12. When my mom died 2 months ago, I walked in her room and saw her as not herself anymore, but a vacant shell in which her energy had escaped. It was surreal yet devastating to me because I had taken care of her for the last 3 years of her life. I felt a part of me had died. So in connection to what Jim was saying, she never died, but rather, just became part of the whole spectrum of energy again. I can cope a little easier with this way of thinking, but still devastating all the same.

  13. I love this side of Jim Carrey – And that quote of Rumi's is so wonderful & so deep. We are the ocean and still Peace requires effort – when it should be simple and effortless.

  14. Then why isn't everyone taught this from birth? Instead we are force fed a life of lies. Through religion and every other establishment. You mean to tell me we are born into forceful duality teaching only to figure out that we figured it out as an individual for nothing? That doesn't make sense.

    This takes credit away from the fact that you didn't put you here. I didn't put me here to my knowledge. Who/what put us here?

  15. OMG people put your ego aside. Alot of people crushing this man for saying we are all god. When you think about it we are all one with god. Which makes us feel like we are. So quick to judge without stopping and thinking the actual meaning behind it smh right away people say he's brain washing. But to think of it the people who judge other people are the brain washers. bc they tell what they experience and heard from the world against somebody who has believed and seen the truth thru God's eye.

  16. Thanks! This is really nice 🙂 but did you see another really uplifting documentary movie about the real lifeforces in humans?
    You may want to see it here lifeforce-movie.cóm (retype in your browser)

  17. Tesla was talking about this .. 100 years ago .. everything is energy .. we are the energy .. we are all conected .. we are all one .. I am .. you are .. he is perfect just the way you are .. right here .. right now. You already have everything you want. Remember that. You do. You choose to be happy. It is your choiche. Practice and understand yourself . And remember that you own yourself .. your thoughts.. be happy .. do what makes you happy.. becouse the minute you think what somebody migth think .. you have put your hapiness in their hands. Blessed be ..

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