I Asked My Co-Workers How Much Money They Make

Cue the awkward conversation pauses!

Adulting is hard, and no one knows that better than Kelsey. Watch as she tries to navigate being a “grown up” in her new series on Watchable: http://wchbl.co/AIDTR105

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21 Comments on “I Asked My Co-Workers How Much Money They Make”

  1. I’m worth 1billion dollars and 60 cents but society tells me I’m not so I will just get a wack as job and tell people I’m worth more and complain how I’m scared about society telling me I’m not worth that much. Smh

  2. Guys, transparency helps ensure you're not being short-changed/taken for a sucker. A very relevant case in point would be the last time I was renting with some housemates. 5 of us, each with our own room with different perks (furniture quality and size, attached bathroom, etc.) and sizes. For some reason we weren't allowed to talk about how much we were all paying our landlord in rent (he told us each in confidence to keep it a secret from the other girls just because it "wasn't nice"). Later, we all found out that we were all paying different rates in rent that were disproportionate to the room we got. For example, my sister with the much smaller and basic room and paying just slightly below (or something like that) the girl with the master bedroom and attached bathroom.

  3. I'm confused from reading the comment section. In America, do you have to negotiate your salary with your boss? So do people in the same position at the same company earn different salaries? that's disgusting if it's true! Or is the same in the UK and I just haven't reached that rung on the job ladder yet. And when he was joking about making $33000, was he over estimating or underestimating?

  4. buzzfeed employees are willing to PAINT with their PERIOD BLOOD, but not tell how much money they make. Something is going wrong here.They are all about "nothing should be taboo, lets open the discussion, not be scared to talk about things!"….. except when it comes to money… They want to keep it secret so no jealousy arises from the viewers.

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