26 Comments on “How To Book Cheap Flights Tickets And How Much Commission In India”

  1. everything he said was spot on point, i received up valuable information that i can use for years to come. i recently picked up this book for 6 bucks and i was able to travel to France using the information provided. may be worth checking out https://goo.gl/nWMcHf

  2. Hello, I have knowledge of tour destinations and I want to open my travel agency hotel booking, tour packages, train, bus and car booking and flight booking. Kisi trusted company ke Saath individual tie up krke kaam kr sakte hai kya as a indivisual travel agent.
    Please help

  3. Sir if iam a normal customer can I book on riya on my own? Secondly, gross and net fare ka concept thoda clear karo na.. Because if iam a normal customer how can I book with the net fare thing? WO part thoda bouncer gaya.. May be because I never had booked a flight ticket

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