24 Comments on “Buying a Scamp RV? Here’s how the buying process goes…”

  1. You don't need to get it inspected in Texas… it's light enough that it doesn't require it. I'm picking my 13' Scamp up in Aug. I live in Texas. I tried to buy a Casita, but when I went to the factory, they said they didn't make them anymore! This after I called and they send be literature for a 13'. I don't recommend Casita. Scamps have better insulation anyway.

  2. Rusty I have a 1986 PlayMor II 13 foot fiberglass camper. I have camped a lot with it. I bought last summer. For just you its perfect. Even for a couple. I have a thetford porta potty. Fiberglass camper is the way to go

  3. Nice Rusty down sizing is always a good thing but was thinking you could get a cab height camper shell for your truck and you could mount  (2)   100 watt solar panels on top of it and the batteries can go in the back of your truck then just run a plug from batteries  to camper plus more covered and dry storage in the back of your truck simple easy and works         Be Safe & Have fun

  4. Wait until you dive into solar panels, mono/ploy- Charge controllers, mppt or pwm- then wires, connectors, and batterys, types and voltage…🙃

    I learned it all on youtube and reading,reading,reading. Its going to be a fun ride and as my Mom use to say-

    "You better get crackin" Good thing you have until November!

    Oh and by the was I just switched from AT&T to Cricket ! Saved a tone of money! Thanks Rusty👍

  5. Heads up Rusty! I have solved my A/C occasional usage with a small inverter gas generator I throw in the back of my truck. I have also built a small suitcase size solar generator to recharge my batteries. I have switched all my lights to LED and then have just the fantastic fan. All this draws very little. I have two separate small Agm battery's I rotate for the new Dometic 18 fridge/ Freezer that will keep food to 32 degrees for over 8 hours on a Harley battery:) The built in battery I leave installed. It will
    Go about 3 days without any recharge by my solar or the Generator. 🙂

  6. I feel your excitement Rusty. My Scamp will be ready in October and since I'm retired, plan on selling my house and living in the Scamp full time going wherever the warm weather takes me. Never done much traveling in my 69 years so this will be a game changer for me. Still not sure if I'll get the 13' or 16'. I got to visit a 16' as well and it's really nice but of course bigger and heavier. Love the 13' though. Just want to make sure I have enough room if I'm going to live in it. Good thing is I can wait til they call to decide. We'll see.

  7. Hey Rusty, what are you going to do with your stuff in between selling current and getting your new travel trailer? Do you have a storage building to put your stuff in? If not, maybe you should get a small one. You may also need to sleep in it a few nights if you sell your current trailer before you get your new trailer. Glad you are having fun. Good luck. It is exciting. 🙂

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