Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre (HBO)

There are no movie theaters in Saudi but there is strong content being created by Saudis in the underground filmmaking scene. The challenges Saudi artists face, instead of lessening the quality of their work, actually add layers, nuance and creativity to their work and it makes them adept at polite subversion and they know how to challenge the system internally.

VICE News follows Ali Al Kalthami a young Saudi filmmaker as he works on his next project in his hometown of Riyadh for his film company Telfaz11.

We also speak to Shihab Jamjoom, former deputy Minister at the Ministry of Information and owner of a massive Arabic-language cartoon company, Spacetoon about why having Youtube Saudi stars is not enough. He tells us why Saudi needs a real movie industry for people like Ali to prosper.

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48 Comments on “Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre (HBO)”

  1. Isreal will soon occupy the Madeena, according to the Hadith predictions what are said, Allah swt showered them wealthy and protection until Mohamed bin Abdul Wahhab and the First King Saud got tied and established the best Islamic ruling method, well cleaned and out of all ''shirk'' and ''Fitna'' the state. now this session coming to end, the new generations especially the new king attracted by Satanic Influence, and all governing bodies of Saudi should go back and analyze how and why them past history rulers loosed them kingdoms and outside powers plays on the land,

  2. Please saudi arabia no need of theaters our islamic country will be spoiled….. There was a general knowledge question which country has no theaters? In the only saudi arabia was there and it was proud to hear it.. please dont spoil tat… please ban theaters..

  3. Weird how people keep calling Saudis backwards even when they’re trying to make a change. You’re no different than all those religious extremists that resisted change for so long in Saudi Arabia.

    I’m not saying you all should start loving Saudi Arabia, I’m just saying give them some positive feedback when they’re clearly trying to progress and change their country for the better.

  4. This is one of the worst countries and is nearly the country I hate the most but I know there good in everything and good people live there too. I hope these people here make a good change to such a narrow minded near enough evil country

  5. المشكلة أن إمريكيا التي تعيش الآن إنحطاط أخلاقي وتفكك أسري, تستخدم هؤلاء الحثاله الخونه وتسلط عليهم الأضواء للإسائة للدين والشعوب ولنقل فسادها للعالم

  6. يتفننون في تذليل انفسهم للخصوم حتى يشعرون بالتعاطف وهذا كله عبارة عن خوف ورفع الراية البيضاء للحفاظ على مستوى اقل من الخسائر هذا هو الفكر الليبرالي السعودي مع الاسى عليهم احتفظ بقيمتك كأنسان وليس كذو مرتبة دونية ارتقي والحق بركب الامام بدل الاستسلام لشهواتك والانصياع لها والانصياع للخصوم كافي ذل حرام عليك نفسك

  7. مع اني لست سعودي ولكن اعتقد ان الهدف الاول يجب منع الإعلام الليبرالي من دخول اراضي المسلمين

    فكرة حرية الإعلام هدفها الأساسي هي الدخول في عمق اي مجتمع ثم بث السموم الدخيلة وتسليط الضوء على السخافات بهدف خلق جو من العدائية في نظر عامة الناس. ….الإعلام الغربي ينسى مشاكل الدول المتقدمة من انتشار السلاح والعنصرية وينسى السرقات البنوك والجرائم ومشاكل المشردين ويسلط الضوء على السعودية والدول الإسلامية دائما

    هذا النغاق الإعلامي يجب ايقافه فورا بالقوة أو بالطيبة…..الإعلام الغربي شريك اساسي في الفتن الحاصلة بالشرق الأوسط ويجند للعبة هذه العلمانين العرب المنافقين من يغض النظر عن سخافات الغرب في نشر الحروب

    اذا لم يمنع الإعلام الجديد من الدول الإسلامية ما راح تنتهي مشاكلنا. ..كل واحد ينظف قذارته بالاول مو ناقصين غربيين يتحدثون عن نسائنا واعارضنا…خلهم يلموا نساءهم بالاول اللي مليانات شوارع اوروبا وامريكا وكل وحده تبيع عرضها ببخس ….هل مثل هولاء يقتدى بهم؟؟؟

    انا ما اعيب على الغرب فقط هم في الأخير في حرب ثقافية ضد المجتمع المسلم لكن اللي يعاب بالاول هم من فقدوا الهوية الإسلامية ومن يطبل دائماً للغرب ….هذا النفاق يجب ايقافه فوراً ان لم يكن بالطيب فالقوة مرغمين ….مو ناقصين دياثة الغرب في مجتمعنا الإسلامي

  8. There trying to slowly but truly trying to push the boundaries in Saudi until they water down islam in that ultra conservative country so they can westernize it and bring confusion in their society they warned us about this in the Quran

  9. Please don't become like UAE where prostitution and hypocrisy is rampant and women of any nationality can be bought with enough money. There is enough of that already in your surrounding countries.
    If you need to be covered to not attack women, do it that way, just create lot of rooms in your houses for people to have sex or masturbate rather than taking it out in the open.

  10. STOP CRITICIZING A COUNTRY TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOUR OWN!! . If we are to be open minded then we should accept Saudi Arabia the way it is and what it offers. That is there culture and that is there way of life. Every country has it's own way of life focus on your own. In some parts of America there are huge communities that live without electricity let alone a cinema, and they live isolated from the rest of America. LOOK UP the AMISH in America.

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