Budget Shopping in UAE under 20 Dirhams@ ILAHUI

Budget Shopping of Korean Beauty Products and other things within 20 Dirhams at ILAHUI…located just opposite UNION METRO STATION,UNION AREA, DEIRA DUBAI. NEXT TO DAY TO DAY UNION & AL GHURAIR CENTRE


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  1. hi just came across this vlog , must say , i was so happy to find these kinda very helpful vlogs for us dubai residents . Now i have to say that plz keep on making vlogs like these like budget clothing from these kinda shops ,, and give us a tour of more shops like these hidden in dubai. so far i know that there are only 1 to 20 dhm shops , day to day chains and big malls that's it . i don't know anymore about these shops and would like to explore more .

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