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commanders say their commitment to protect South Korea from North Korean aggression is quote ironclad the statement coming as a USS Ronald Reagan is wrapping up a five-day joint naval drill to prepare for any provocations from the Hermit Kingdom joining us now Bruce clear senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation thank you so much for joining us Bruce I appreciate it thank you first and foremost the president’s appearing on Maria Bartiromo show tomorrow and Sunday morning features she sat down with him and and she asked about what’s happening in the Korean Peninsula I want to play a quick sound bite and get your reaction if I may we’ll see what happens now with that being said we’re prepared for anything we are so prepared like you wouldn’t believe you would be shocked to see how totally prepared we are if we need to be would it be nice not to do that the answer is yes will that happened who knows so a lot of Americans at home are probably thinking not not not to do what you know what are we prepared for what what what are the possibilities and what is most likely going forward right well US policy has always been that we would retaliate if North Korea attacked us and also perhaps preemptively strike them if we felt we had good intelligence that they were going to attack us but what the president has added that sort of new is what we would call a preventative attack is even if we don’t feel there’s an imminent North Korean strike on us to attack them to prevent them from completing an ICBM that can hit US soil so there’s a lot of uncertainty as to whether the US would do that or not the the administration has sent a lot of conflicting signals and in my discussions with administration officials also getting conflicting signals so the president is you know on the one hand saying we will always respond we our military is ready for any kind of option that’s necessary but also still seems to be signaling that we may be doing a preventative strike it’s so pertinent that we talk about this now simply because of the timing the president has open up the possibility to traveling to the DMZ and we like you had said we had seen presidents do this before it’s not uncommon but it is uncommon with this level of tension am i right right every president since Ronald Reagan except the elder George Bush have traveled to the DMZ so it’s not uncommon for a president to go but as you point out the tensions are very high right now and also President Trump and and Kim jong-un the North Korean leader seem to have made this bilateral tensions personal they both insulted each other Kim jong-un has vowed that he might do certain things and the president is also signaling that so we do seem to be at a higher level of tension than what’s always a high level of tension politically speaking at this point now that we know it’s been discussed does the president have to go and could that improve relations because what he says there would be heard more so than if he even if he said it on Twitter even if he 140 characters he’s there right some have advised that instead of going to the DMZ he go to Camp Humphreys a large US Army base
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