Best Places to Buy Games

So a lot of you asked if you don’t buy Games at GameStop then where Should you buy them. This is going to go over the places I recommend to buy game and why I buy them there.

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39 Comments on “Best Places to Buy Games”

  1. This channel is exploding!!! 1.3k in a matter of 5 days. I remember when u just had 2k subs. Then, i look at u 2 weeks later and you've grown exponentially. Keep it up man!!! Love the vids!!

  2. Hey dude you convinced me! I too purchase a lot of games from Best Buy and went out today and bought the my gamers club unlocked membership. For the money, it's damn hard to beat. And I already had 5 bucks in rewards points that further reduced the membership to only 25 dollars. My first purchase today has already saved me 16 smackeroos and doubled my rewards points:-) Thanks for the video and keep up the great work. You rock dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I started to buy my games online and get the code to enter on my Xbox. I was able to snag that Xbox rival sports kenect for really cheap. I figure what's the point of buying the actual game when on the Xbox one at least it still has to install the game lol

  4. Bestbuy is best place to buy video games handsdown. All sorts of amazon prime deals best buy price match them. The only exception is when target do buy 2 get 1 free stacked with current target sale stacked at the same time. For example you can get pokemon y $25 super smash bros 3ds $25 and zelda link BTW $25. Thats three new 3ds games for $50 .this is up as now oct/31/16

  5. I generally will purchase from Best Buy after price matching a game through Amazon. Of course this only works if the game is sold and shipped by Amazon. Lot of good deals without spending for additional memberships:-)

  6. Probably not popular but I buy all my games on eBay. PayPal will cover you if there is an issue with the game. And honestly I can snag most all titles at a Very Discounted Rate. Read & Look at All Photos. (BE CAREFUL AND CHECK THE SELLERS REVIEWS. DONT BUY FROM SELLERS WHO HAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK). I always factor in the Shipping so I know if it's a deal or not.

  7. Sadly for me, the only other physical store I can get games from in my town besides GameStop is Walmart. (Ironically, both stores are fairly close to each other.) Though Amazon can have some decent deals, when I can't find a game at Walmart. (Sadly I don't have Amazon Prime at the moment, but still.)

  8. Hey guys, I'm actually an employee at BestBuy, I just want to add a note here. In order to get the $5 back on your BestBuy points you need 500 now rather than 250, I believe that they switched the promotion late September or early October. Also, when it comes to points, for a regular Best Buy rewards member you get .5 points per dollar, for an Elite member you get 1 point per dollar, for an Elite Plus member you get 2 points per dollar. Also don't forget that with the Gamers Club Unlocked you get 10% off of all pre-owned video games and you get a 10% bonus on trade-in value on your video games. Loving the videos, BPGR keep it up!

  9. I use Amazon prime lol. Got Battlefield 1 on release day for $45 and got Titanfall 2 today for like $50. I use it since I already have prime anyway. Even if i didn't buy games from Amazon, I'd still have prime so I figured why not right? lol nice vid brotha

  10. I buy systems after they're done manufacturing new games.. (other than sports games) for price sake, I just bought a ps3 early this year.. I got 18 games at once.. all brand new (sealed) from amazon.. all of which were $15-$30$ ..more so in the $20-$25 range.. I started shopping there due to going to GameStop and them telling me GameStop is only focusing on PS4/XB1..they had like 5 "new" ps3 games.. Lego games.. sports games.. nothing I wanted lol seems like a waste of space going on there considering more ppl own a ps3 than the current gen consoles.

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