24 Comments on “AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote – Andy Jassy”

  1. Humblebragging and putting down competitors get really annoying. If your product is good just say so and ignore the others. I think it shows some insecurity to be honest with you. Similar to Steve Job's attacks on PC's.

  2. Of course, each and every service enumerated here is awesome. But I just have to say that as an inventor, working pretty much solo on extremely innovative and deep technology with ibGib (think elegantly distributed git + merkle tree + self-similar graph db for everything: IoT, AI, Big Data, pics, comments, reviews, …), his comments starting at 55:42 WRT inherent inventing hardships were genuinely and providentially inspirational for me personally, culminating with:

    "…and along the way, I promise you, you're going to have lots of people doubting you."


  3. WOW! It is amazing what AWS has accomplished so far. The next couple of years will be very interesting to see if Microsoft, Google and the others can catch up or if AWS will continue to increase their lead in market share. The AWS dominance in IaaS makes Google look small in comparison when you look towards the future of computing.

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