American Apparel Founder Is Back, And Unapologetic (HBO)

If American Apparel’s success was inseparable from founder Dov Charney’s own persona (as Charney claims), will his blemished legacy impact his new venture? 

VICE News met with Charney to discuss his new company, and also ask if he thinks his personality will benefit or deter the potential success of Los Angeles Apparel.

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45 Comments on “American Apparel Founder Is Back, And Unapologetic (HBO)”

  1. Dov does not drink or smoke or do drugs. He is just very passionate about what he does. He is actually a genius and pioneer in the blank apparel industry. You either hate him or love him but don't be so quick to judge because we all have skeleton's in the closet.

  2. i worked with a girl who managed an American Apperal store. She told me he regularly invites female emplyees to spend the night at any one of his condos for sex with him. He would text her at 2am for booty calls. He also had her recruit "sexy art student" types off college campus' to work in the stores and fire any employee who was too fat or unattractive.

  3. This guy is so over emotional and loud, damn. Stop screeching. Holy shit. Even coming here out of curiosity with no bias can't stop me from not taking him seriously.

  4. He's got it ALLL wrong. People don't buy American apparel because the quality is the same quality as Forever 21 and its cheaper. People don't like AP anymore because the style is the same year after year just in different colors. Nobody wants that style anymore

  5. he provides a paycheck for many immigrants and their families to live a peaceful and secure life. everyone loves the aesthetic until some dope on the internet tells you not to, and even when that happens they closet their love for his vision, and hes not afraid to show his face and to get the ball rolling again, qualities most people only fantasize about having. bravo

  6. Gotta love him. When it was in its prime run by him, the clothes and the marketing was moving it made you feel sexy, it made you feel beautiful as the girls looked imperfect just as most women are.

  7. I was interviewed by Dov for a sales associate position at their at the time brand new store at the vegas outlets but he wouldn't hire me because I was one year under the legal working age. I've since kept up with a few of the stories about Dov on his journey back into entrepreneurship and I have to say that it's admirable. It's weird, but I think he's unequivocally unique in his persistence. I dunno haha.

  8. He employs latinos at a fair wage from what I hear, which is great but he's just a perv. I saw the video that leak of him walking around the AA wearhouse completely stark naked trying to dance with a female employee who did not look happy.

  9. Foolish choice to call it 'Los Angeles Apparel'– that totally alienates the Midwest folks who want to relate to the product/brand. Calling anything LA makes people like me not want to buy from them.

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