AMC Dine-In Movie Theater Experience

There’s dinner and a movie… but now you can get it all in one place.

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23 Comments on “AMC Dine-In Movie Theater Experience”

  1. if I were to do something like that, although AMC has the idea, but if I were to do something like that, instead of turning the auditoriums into a restaurant, I would be turning the lobby into a…DINER!

  2. Yesterday February 24 2015 I went for the first time to dinner amc teather IN Fullerton California and was FANTASTIC ….SO RELAX THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS …..great prices ….wow ,,, and probably I saved more money with the movie theater experience ..than If we go get dinner after movie …HIGHLY RECOMMEND……

  3. I've been to the Essex Green, and honestly it's nowhere near as good as Alamo Drafthouse. Seating isn't raised enough, so when a nice lady brings your food, her body blocks a good portion of the screen. I also prefer Alamo's Chicken Caesar Salad as opposed to AMC's version of it.

  4. OOH YAY!
    Happens: Year 2025
    With robot waitresses serving food and drinks
    And of course a hologram projector for the screening of a movie
    Plus a sofa if you wanna be lazy and sit your fatass down (weighing 180 pounds)
    2025.. Also the year of the Raul Menendez era… We'll be waiting for the U.S. and China to go to a huge war…

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