Amazing garden in a construction companies yard.

This video proves that you can grow a lot of food in a very small area with very little cost, grow your own food however you have to do it.

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18 Comments on “Amazing garden in a construction companies yard.”

  1. Wow! That is so IMPRESSIVE,….the owner has a Construction company and on the side he grows most of his veggies and herbs! We mexicans sure could learn a thing or two from thais, over here many people who have inherited an ol' home in the historic center of town, well these homes back in the olden days were big, spacious houses with either room for a flower garden, veggie garden, chickens or a mini orchard or with all, but around mid-70s to the 80s the newer generation only thought in constructing apartment complexes, parking lots and comercial rental properties but tell them to continue what their ancestors had and the first pretext they give, "there's no water", our climate is semi-arid, but you think they couldn't have researched the technology developed in Israel, no, just thinking in businesses that make money instead of those that CREATE VALUE. Paul, sorry for the long comment but got carried away! lol….

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