$6 Cheapest Game Console in the WORLD!

This is an extremely cheap portable game console playing NES and other games. The model number is SY-888. It has 288 built in games, but there are repeats, so there should be about 50+ unique ones.

I think this is the cheapest game console with color screen. And for it’s price, this is really awesome despite it has some irritating problems.

If you are a gadget lover, a collector or like NES or Famicom games, I recommend to buy it.


30 Comments on “$6 Cheapest Game Console in the WORLD!”

  1. Well if your complain about handheld console that cost 6 dollar you must be crazy or stupid. Have realistic expectations for the price you willing to pay. For the price is not bad. Six dollar is not that much to complain about even if you say it shit. Price and value it good.

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