6 Comments on “22. Creating AD Site and Subnet after deploying Additional Domain Controller”

  1. In this demo, there's no additional Site link other than default site link. But in reality, you should have additional Site Link, then be careful on removing/adding subnets.

    Another mistake is, you created an empty site and think there will be no problem because you didn't add DCs or any subnets.

    But clients will try to do 'Site Lookup' because there are multiple sites when it hits NetLogon service in DC. And this request will be queued in DCs suddenly all of logons now need to go through this step. This logon event is not just interactive long, but also when users access share folders, Outlook, etc. So, working with Sites and Servies need to be always done during off business hours or slow hours

  2. Just to add, If you add subnets to a site without IP link is created, it may cause Netlogon service is not being reached by users until Link is created. Outlook/Exchange is much faster responding to this broken link and it will pop up error message and Outlook hangs up.

    To avoid this, always create IP links first before adding subnets to any site.

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  4. Hello Boss,

    Can you please show us how you have configured/ installed router to get the connectivity between those 2 different servers ?

    I am not able to ping servers from one to another seems like m missing virtual router ….

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