Woman films ‘selfie’ video whilst having a stroke, after doctors told her it was stress

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Quick-thinking Stacey Yepes from Canada filmed herself on her phone whilst suffering a mini-stroke. After doctors insisted she was suffering from stress and sent her away, Stacey recognised her partial face paralysis and numbness in her arm return as she was driving, so she pulled over and grabbed her phone. In the video, she tries to lift her left arm with difficulty and says she finds it hard to point at specific things like her nose. Stacey also films herself following the advice of the doctors to simply breathe slowly in and out to manage stress, but the symptoms persist. After filming the video, she visited a different hospital from her first visit and was told by doctors she was having a mini-stroke. Further tests confirmed that she had a small blockage in one of the arteries supplying her brain. Report by Claire Lomas.

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34 Comments on “Woman films ‘selfie’ video whilst having a stroke, after doctors told her it was stress”

  1. My husband just went through this. I am glad that you sort help. Some doctors just don't know what they are talking about. I am glad that my husband got to the hospital in time and thankful they saw the signs.

  2. Doctors don't know everything my father was told by his doctor that his problems were nothing more than stress too, a month later his heart stopped he needed a new heart ASAP, doctors can be wrong, really wrong..

  3. same thing happened to me and got turned away as panic attack I was like nope you are incorrect. It was my first and very scary but you actually arnt panicking it's like an out of body feeling

  4. i had something just like this happen to me when i was heavily doing meth before i went to rehab. when this happened just like all of a sudden i wasnt able to read or understand anything on my laptop screen, i had to spell words out in my head and one word at a time make them out to speak which was very stuttery, then i kept getting interrupted because i took so long to get one word out and id forget the entire sentence i was trying to say. i was panicking, i felt like i couldnt sit or stand because my muscles were "melting" and i was weak, the scariest thing was when i couldnt move my left leg, the calf muscle was like balled up and just stayed that way, but there was no pain. i also had the tingles in my face especially in my jaw and around my mouth. my boyfriend thought i was being funny and then got pissed off and threatened to leave, i cried and begged him to take me to the hospital and he refused because he was paranoid about fucking drug testing. i never went to the er, and im ok now but i believed i was going to die that night

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  6. Same thing happen to me 3 times and I was sent away from 4 different doctors with vertigo even with me telling them about all the dumbness, this went on for over a month until the 5th time when this 1 doctor did municipal test and found the blocked arterys in the back of my neck. I had well over 20 T.I.A's face arms legs all went dumb and not in a good way. that was 15 months ago I was given less than a year and would fully stroke out with-in 3 months, left the hospital a vegan and I only drink water and coffee, gym everyday 2 to 4 miles of cardio and weight lighting, mountain biking on the weekends, doctors gave me no chance, doctors sent me home with a blood thinner and a aspirin told me to stay positive and good luck no follow-up needed, made a appointment with the same doctor 14 months later she was sooooo surprised, two doctors flew in to interview me 3 weeks later.

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