Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense

Women’s clothing sizes are very inconsistent. So no, it’s not you. It’s the women’s clothing industry.

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45 Comments on “Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense”

  1. I'm a bit confused, I see how malnourisment can affect body measurements, but does race? I thought the female body proportions, while heavily dependant on the individual, weren't affected by race? If someone can help me with this that would be great, cuz I have to study human anatomy for my art…

  2. Ok? Clothing size varies from brand to brand and even between styles for both genders. And it usually adjusted based on region its sold on. This vanity sizing may be bit strange, but its logical if it raises the sales. Though with online shopping becoming popular I think moving away from it to bit more uniform sizing may be better option. Companies would lose less in return shipping.

  3. I need an elasticated waist otherwise it won't cover my bum when I sit down, so it would feel too low down, even with a belt. And tightening the belt to stop this just makes it too tight. It's hard to find legwear that fits.

  4. Me and my mom shopping online for clothes

    Me: I like this shirt!

    Mom: Sorry honey, but they're out of women's, just have men

    Me: will it kill me?

    Mom: no

    Me: then get a men's one then!

    (Side note: even my mom wears men's clothing. She has this men's jacket she says is warmer than the women's and it fits her just fine.)

  5. I honestly stopped caring about sizing once I realised what was going on. I had a pair on jeans from a store that were a few years old and were too big, went back and both that size and the size up were far too small. It’s bullshit! and it’s so frustrating when you want to order online!! The size of something is so ingrained in you though. I went to a store and wanted a pair of pants but they only had medium and was really disappointed as I’m normally and XL, but they fit! Which makes sense because I’m an average size.

  6. oh man, i bought 3 of the SAME pair of jeans of the same size from Old Navy. i bought them online. one fit perfectly, one was to small one was to big and they had the SAME tags.

  7. An interesting note about this. I started wearing men's clothing in order to escape all of this, but it still doesn't completely work out. Men's pants are sized based on consistent measurements (28 waist, 34 length etc.), but they're designed for a specific body type. It's rare that I'll find a pair of pants that has room for my thighs while not sagging on my waist. It might be more work to create a women's sizing system based on thigh/hip/waist measurements, but it would be a big help. (Besides—we already deal with a stupidly complicated system of numbers for bras.)

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