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  1. What they are not telling you is that there are a great many Americans out there who are incredibly offended by these lies and ready to take up arms against these dirty foul-mouth asses who tried to panic the American public. They should all be prosecuted for their lies and I have been writing letters to congress and lawyers that these people need to be prosecuted. They display their foul mouths on Youtube with not the slightest fact or detail for the one and only purpose of causing panic. Fortunately, the majority of the American public is not as dumb, stupid and bird brained as a small fraction of those that put these lies up here and those that believe them. In any case, they need to go to court big time, if not, they need to get even more severe personal punishment like a lynching. And believe you me, there are a large group of people out there who will take the law in their own hands without hesitation. You want to cause a panic. You do it at your own risk because make no mistake, there are a large group of people who are fed up with these conspiracy lies and will come after you for trying to panic and destroy this country. You give us true facts, that's fine. You give us your opinions, that's fine. But telling lies like the power grid going down is going to result in absolute hell to pay.

  2. Looks like they are Preparing for a possible North Korean Nuclear EMP attack, as threatened by KimYongUn. Everybody should educate themselves on the immediate and long term effects & after effects of an EMP attack an make preparations.

  3. But nobody is coming up with a plan to fight the shit the government is doing to us there is no leader no movements. Everybody is making videos telling us to wake up but if we don't have a leader and plan against government we may as well stay sleep. We must get together as Americans and protest this shit government is doing. It's clear our government don't exist anymore they are against the people and the beings in the government are not human.

  4. Why would they need to do an Emp drill on the people use your head drill my ass. This is to practice against the people to see how effective they can shut down the power to the people. This all about taking over America, people emough is enough the government coming against the people I have never seen so many American people sit back and do nothing and let the government walk over us. These people are Satanist this shit has got to stop. We are not dealing with humans these are entities doing these things to us back to back including the Hurricane, earth quakes etc.

  5. I happen to know a lot about all of this.  It is totally about as nothingness as it gets.  It is pretend there is a solar flare or whatever.  The government is concerned and aware of the issue of losing everything digital from an EMP – natural or manmade.  The SET – Simulated Emergency Test – done one day a year – been doing it since like 1930's.  Our scenario was abouit a bad hurricane hitting the northeast.  AND ther have been huricanes!  OMG – just watch, we will have a Hurricane!  LOLOLOLOL>The ARRL is not a government lobbying group.  There is nothing here  It is a test – you are reading what the imaginary scenario is.  The DOD wants to test Interoperability – there has been a lot of emphasis on different services being able to talk to each other.  If they can we all get on one freq and be heard by two DOD stations on each end of the country.  This is about as harmless as it gets.  It is a hobby.  Yup, they kick in when Puerto Rico has no comms.  We help out with Katrina, etc.  this is about 600,000 people older people (farts) that talk on Short Wave all over the world to other hams.  they do a little emergency testing.  Yes, the Military Amateur Radio Service works between the military and the ham radio farts.  So, they also are organized in the same areas.  What – they should organize different from the organization they interface with?.  You lost me when you are saying a hurricane would be manmade.  LOLOLOLOL  Hey, I took and class in CPR and then….someone in my town had a heart attack!  Watchout!  Yes, it was warned years ago but the 911 report came out the same day as an EMP risk report – they  are concerned about a bad actor like N. Korea bursting an EMP tuned nuke over the USA and anything with a chip in it from horizon to horizon will be fried – the grid, your car (computer runs engine), most anything.  We'd be back to the 1800's with a 300 million population, no transportation, no crops, etc.  a real disaster.  Oh, one more thing – Yawn.  What is it in the American culture that generates all these conspiracy theory.  We want to protect the grid, and harden certain things (like the presidents plane) etc.  So, its November 12th today.  Annnnndddd – nothing happened, and nothing likely will, and if something does, it is not related.  The funny thing is that everything you are reading is open to the public.

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