[WARNING: CRINGE] Actual Korean Makeup on Western Type of Eyes

After watching this video again I’ve realized how cringy it is sorry…


30 Comments on “[WARNING: CRINGE] Actual Korean Makeup on Western Type of Eyes”

  1. omg what the fuck i thought people were telling you to stop hiding your nose because you thought it was ugly nd embarrassing when i was reading the comments so i scrolled back up and i saw it i was like bitch u have a cute ass nose like the fuck my nose looks like a deformed carrot

  2. Are u German? Idk your makeup looks kinda German if you know what I mean, like real techniques and stuff, they sell alot of that stuff here in Germany so I thought- ah nevermind I'm stupid. Great makeup btw you look really pretty and cute before and after applying makeup and, don't hide your nose, your nose is beautiful.

  3. You do realize that the reason why korean/asian people do their makeup like this is specifically for the shop of there eyes which white girls don't have. it pisses me off as someone who is half white, and wishes they can do "western" makeup on there eyes but can because they got their dads eyes and has to do make up like this and little white korean wannabes do their makeup like this when it looks like shit on their eyes since their eyes are not made for it. I also and a cosmetologist.

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