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  1. @UMADBRO5802 Actually, it's not gay, it's a brilliant contemporary dance group called Pilobolus. Perhaps you can expand your mind a little to start looking at things beyond you present limitations…

  2. nice piece of arts… but what this commercial is about i dont get it… what could possible this commercial relate to Target beside that red-white-circle logo? are they saying Target is complicated not to be trust?

  3. hey can have you seen there new commercial …its about that like i guess they have now.."Target Farmaci"..if any one has seen the video and can post it please do…i love the song thats played thru out the commercial

  4. This is very tastefully done, a visual feast!
    I was rather looking for the new Australian TV commercial which features as sound track the old Russian song 'Prashtchay moy Tabor'. Another Russian (Street) Song 'Garmanchiki' is famous through the Weetbix commercial. We have a recording of the 1930s of that song which we featured on our Australian concert tour in 1977. Good to see traditional songs finding their way into modern life.

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