Sony Digital Paper DPT-S1 with E-Ink Mobius

Sony Digital Paper with a 13inch E-Ink Mobius display is amazingly thin and light and supports dual input with touch and active pen.



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  1. LED screens on laptops, monitors, TVs, cell phones, and other devices tend to mess up the body's sleep patterns, so people are told to NOT watch any LED / LCD devices for at least 4 hours before bed time.  That's to ensure a good night's sleep.  I see millions of E-PAPER displays being sold just so that people can surf the Internet and read stories online WITHOUT the harmful blue-light effect that keeps people from getting a good sleep at night.  THAT is why I myself would like to buy an e-paper monitor for my laptop and I would gladly pay $500 for one, its just that they are not yet available here in Canada.

  2. This could be the next big thing if Apple start working on it. They have good designers. Make it faster, somehow connect the screen to the computer, so can be displayed on Projector for professors and teachers and more affordable by mass producing where materials and labor is cheaper and it sells a lot. We can go completely paperless and let the planet breath a little bit more. 

  3.  A Machine THAT can do almost anything you do and say. do 5 things on TV and still play a game multichannel system just like chat roulette- yahoo chat live room something like that. I Try to Come Up With Inventions- Like How to Keep An Plane in the Air for 2 weeks well you need a lot of petrol to keep that in the air and some people to keep it up their stay in you overnight air cruise for 2 weeks we'll that's my jokes, well I've got an intelligent mind i mite ask.

  4.  I Like New Technology- Well They Could Make A Live Gaming System Like Ps4 somewhat like- where you can do something in real life the game copy's you. and does at random choose. and what would be for the future is- playing doom underwater with your Tablet Or Wireless mobile devices. so when your swimming in your swimming pool you playing a game stand still im try to complete the game i can't if you keep moving in the swimming pool.

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