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  1. I recently read that at the end of the meal, to indicate that you're finished, arrange your silverware together at the four o'clock position. This is not correct if the waiter is taking the plate away from the right side, because the silverware will be in the way of him/her collecting the plate. Surely, the silverware should be arranged at the eight o'clock position to move it out of the way of the waiter. In fact, I am now advised that it is better to place your cutlery at the seven o'clock position.

  2. Then there's me at my resturant chain like "alright lads whos having this pepsi then?" and leaning over everyone to hand it someone on the end seats


    Really helpful video though, will certainly use some points (like leaning in from the left) to step up my game 🙂

  3. WHY did he serve the initial plate from the right if the correct way is from the left? This is the rule that my staff follow…serve from the left and "clear" from the right, unless it is impossible to do so. For example, if doing it correctly would be rudely interrupting guest's private conversations. I agree with everything else in the video though.

  4. This feels out dated in comparison to what I am being taught in my diploma of hospitality course. We are told to serve and clear from the right. Being mostly right handed it allows us to hold items behind the guest and not have them in the guests face. As well as most of the time we serve at round tables, that set 10 (barely) there is not enough room to serve from the left like this. Even in industry we are always serving and clearing from the right.

    To me this seems unnecessary, it allows time for the food to cool quicker outside the kitchen and in a busy restaurant it would slow the service down. Personal opinion.

  5. My Mother was in Service years ago, up untill her death in 98, she was requested for Silver Service as she could teach it & keep an eye on those trying to do it, as we know not many can do it properly, being left handed myseld makes it harder for me, nice video….

  6. I'm sorta new to fine dining (2 yrs now), and we serve from the left, clear from the right. Never back hand the guest, as this guy did to both guests. Hmmm, but appreciate the vid none-the-less.

  7. Silver serving from the left is slightly daft and is now pretty much obselete. Serving from the right, 'hugging' the guests is now more widely adopted. Nice video however 🙂

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