Should You Shop “In-Store” For Computers and Accessories?

– LINKS to the three PCs we priced out listed below! Is PC-shopping in a big-box store like BestBuy worth it? I’ve left the question itself open-ended. I want to hear from you: What do you think about the prices you’ve seen in this video? Tag along for the ride.

BestBuy Asus G11 Gaming PC:

BestBuy iBuyPower Gaming PC:

BestBuy ASUS G20 Gaming PC:

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24 Comments on “Should You Shop “In-Store” For Computers and Accessories?”

  1. Be aware that some iBuyPower PCs use an H110-Plus motherboard which has three standard PCI buses. I can understand maybe one for a sound card but three instead of PCIe-16’s is useless. It does have two PCIe-1x for expansion but that’s all

  2. The thing I like about best buy is that they compare the prices to their website. So if the price is a bit off they check the website and sometimes you can get really good deals.

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  4. I dont think its that much of a higher rates on best buy when it comes to peripherals and graphics card. I mean if its only like 50$ or less just get it from best buy because you can always return it if something is wrong and have it replace right away.

    Same goes with the PC, its prebuilt and it comes with a warranty so save yourself from all the trouble and stress. But ofcourse ifyoure a hardcore enthusiast you want the best you need to build your own PC.

    Bottom-line, its a reasonable price for buying at best buy with all the convenient of returning and warranty and you can get it right away. And sometimes they also have great sales and deals.

  5. You didnt include your time so lets say you made 100 dollars off this video it took you about 2 hours to film a day to edit there that's alot of time u could've put on other things but if u buy a remade one you dont pay that price of your time so yah

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