1. Thanks for all your great work on youtube, Billy. it's been very inspiring for me overall. I just think you might decide to do another video on this subject one day as it's a tough one to speak on. There's more perspectives to it, not just one or two or three… and humanity is you, selflessness is so misunderstood and words alone are traps, it's so hard sometimes to express yourself simple but yet clearly . Even giving examples with cars, ferraries, etc. to describe a point of view is so matrixy, as it's about racing and speed, and quantities, or qualities. Why not give a direction instead of using examples of qualities as if it is competition. We are all ferraries in essense, are we not? 'Is it not written in your law that you are Gods?'. Most of us just need directions to awaken that and remember who we really are. Much love to you and blessings 🙂

  2. I don't think it's hard to manifest things. It's hard to manifest things which are congruent with your soul path. As I've figured out on a daily basis, what I wanted, was what an illusory personality wanted. These things can be acquired, and lost just as fast. You can also desire something dangerous, and you will get it via black magic or other means. So the point is, make sure you really need what you want to manifest. A general rule: is if it has the capacity to help oneself and others it is useful; if it can only help oneself and no others, be wary of what you're trying to manifest.

  3. Yo Vesuvias! A.k.a. "ULH"! It's been a while since I've checked this channel out, but I'm glad I came back. I just wanted to take a second or 3 to express in the comments, first off, I love this etymology type stuff I feel like it would be GREAT in hip hop, only if you could get up in the kid's face so they would listen and contemplate. Oh and if you like this type of word play, check out the old school rapper "KRS – ONE" if you haven't already. He's profound for his poetic type approach to hip hop, you might grow on him. Also, I remember watching a video on here with you talking about how you began your journey to awakening through Pick Up and Gaming, and I can relate and resonate with that, I'm young (go figure, the hip hop theme) and completely agree with the notion that game can be higher consciousness. Thanks for helping that thought roll around in my brain. Also, I feel sorry for doubting you, your content is so unplugged from mainstream culture that I couldn't help but be influenced by my culture. But now that I too have unplugged, I understand that your not weird, it's just that grandpa's on another level if u catch my drift. Haha, sorry if this comes across sketchy, just thought you would be an interesting fellow to commune with. Peace! P.S being unplugged is hard, it's so much easier to be a lazy slug and a sheep like the majority of society, hard enough to where I'm having difficulty coping. Got any tips? Meditation helps me, but anything else or specific meditations you know of? Thanks again Vesuvias. That word has been ingrained in my brain just like the sun's nutrients in my pineal gland

  4. on the train to Nottingham 21st of July Friday I recommended you this channel after asking you the book you was reading . the artists way . comment back if you found this you know who you are.

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