Rechargeable USB Fans from CDRKING

I show you what to look out for when buying a rechargeable USB fan. They look identical but there’s a few differences!

CDRKING currently have two different USB fans for sale, one is 180 PHP and the other is 200 PHP.

Brushless motor (more efficient, longer lasting)
18650 battery
Input: 0.5A
Low: 1.6W
Medium: 2.4W
High: 3.8W
Low quality charge cable with thin wires. Gets hot in operation.

P200 Snowflake branded:
Brush DC motor (less efficient)
18650 battery (15% more capacity than CDRKING branded)
Input: 0.5A
Low: 1.2W
Medium: 2.6W
High: 5.7W
Good enough quality charge cable.

You can remove the battery from the handyfan and charge it in an external 18650 battery charger. You can also have spare batteries or run the fans directly from a powerbank or USB power supply.

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47 Comments on “Rechargeable USB Fans from CDRKING”

  1. Those micro usb connectors break all the time. I have had 3 of them break with the SM Fan you can get with Advantage Card. I soldered one back to life, but dang it gets old. I have one black one that has lasted 3 years and is still working great though.

  2. I hope a brand made a 2 powered fan (battery and solar powered) and can be charge using the same MICRO USB port the same in the video but uploaded i currently trying to make one onthose fan that is selled on the street

  3. please check if my fan is better.. tnx

    Output power : 4.5W
    Charging time : 5-6 hours
    Usage time : 1-3 hours
    Battery capacity : 1200mAh
    Battery : Li-ion
    Charger input : 5V/1A
    Charger output : 5V/1A
    Input current : 0.5-1A

  4. Watching a few of your videos and you reviews are really informative. I learned a lot from it. Can you test what usb cables are the best? My ipod 6th gen charging cable got busted (the authentic one) I bought one from cellboy and it cost 150 pesos only. original iphone cable cost 1069 pesos but I saw something on Lazada, Pineng is also selling iphone cable wires. Hope you can review what is the best charging cables than can compete with the original ones.Thanks.

  5. i got one from ace hardware, after a week, it started to smell burnt circuit or something. i checked the board and a certain (tiny) component is burnt. the fan works perfectly fine though.

  6. a detailed test.. thats good. now i will buy one from cd-r king. the brushless motor is good because i have other usb cables at home. i can use them and junk the included usb cable. thank you and more power to your program.. please do keep on making reviews

  7. I got some of these fan before my first 2 of those the PCB burned,first 1 burned during charging 2nd 1 burned during I am changing fan speed… but I buy new ones again because I like brushless motor,i think they are more durable.

    I thought all of them using brushless motor?

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