Korean Cosmetics MUST-HAVES 2017

Some of my current favourite Korean cosmetics! πŸ˜€
There are not many changes ’cause I am quite a loyal and devoted person HAHAHA but there a few products that I’ve tried recently and fell in love!

Side note- Just realized Mamonde’s Cover Powder Cushion is known to give off a bright finish (not powdery finish)! Guess that’s why it’s not as ‘powdery’ and cakey as I thought!

Comment below and tell me if you have any absolute FAVOURITES to die for!!! Can’t wait to try some of what you love too~

Thank you for watching as always!



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43 Comments on “Korean Cosmetics MUST-HAVES 2017”

  1. Can u don't smile so big ? Don't you feel your teeth coming all and your mouth is so BIG. DONT BE SO ACTION. PLEASe LA. PEOPLE GIVE U FREE THINGS. OF COS SAY PEOPLE THINGS GOOD LA. STUPID BIG MOUTH. THINK YOU OWNSELF VERY PRETTY ?!

  2. I really like the Hera black cushion! I think it’s great for oily skin & our humid weather here 😊 I can even get away without setting it with powder

  3. i freaking love laneige products as well !!! but they are abit on the higher priced items side.. i really recommend beginners who wants to try makeup to get laneige stuff becos it would be so worth it hehe AND BYTHEWAY, THANK YOU PEISHI FOR TELLING ME THE RED TWO TONE MATTE IS STILL AVAILABLE THRU THIS VIDEO OMGG I'VE BEEN SO BUSY THESE DAYS THAT I CANT GO TO THEIR PHYSICAL STORE BUT PREV B4, I WENT ONCE AND I LOVED THE CASHMERE AS WELL <333

  4. I'm not a fan of the Laneige two tone lipstick though, its quite pricey and it doesnt stay for very long and it's
    more like a lipbalm. I mean would you pay $30 for a lipbalm :/
    Some better lip products I'd recommend would be code glokolor's lip tints and lip pencil and labiotte's wine lipsticks and lip tints

  5. I still can't get into cushion foundation cos I have oily skin and so at the end of the day it will turn out patchy for me! 😣 But anyway I still haven't found a powder foundation I'm most satisfied with that will control my oily skin though. Wonder if u have any recommendations perhaps?

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